The Authentic You
The Authentic You
Oct 25, 2021
S1E14 - Who is The Ice Man & What is Wim Hof Breathwork? Interview with Canada's Barnet Breathers, & Time I Survived Inside 300 Lbs of Ice Water!
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How’s your energy levels these days? How resilient are you feeling knowing the dark rainy days of fall, or cold snowy days of winter are fast approaching? In today’s episode I have the honour of interviewing Canada’s very own Barnet Breathers, this is a group of men with an extraordinary weekly ritual that brings more energy, strength, and resilience to their days. And it’s all related to something called Wim Hof Breathwork, which it turns out, has some ancient eastern origins. We’ll explain what Wim Hof Breathwork is, why you have to add it to your daily routine right away, and we'll cover all of its many mind blowing health benefits. Lastly, we'll cover the time I met Wim Hof himself, Guinness World record holder of many things, and how, I somehow ended up in 300 lbs of ice water. 

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