The Authentic You
The Authentic You
Sep 13, 2021
S1E8: The Real Life Lord of the Flies, How Six Schoolboys Survived on an Island Alone for 15 Months & How Do I Get More Respect at Work? PLUS Unilever, Pit-bulls, & Cliffhanger Endings (Part 1)
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1. How Six Schoolboys survived alone on an island for 15 months! - The Real Life Lord of the Flies!

2. Do you Get Enough Respect at Your Job? And if Not what are the Surprising Ways to Get More Respect?

3. We Go into Story mode with a True Personal Story of the Time I turned Down a Dream Job in London - Unilever, Pit bulls & Cliff Hanger Endings


If you’re a regular listener can I ask a small favour that you share this podcast with 1 friend who you will enjoy and benefit from the stories and lessons in this podcast!  You see, as a podcaster, it’s completely up to you and your audience to make the podcast grow. 


For those new to this podcast, my name again is Goran Yerkovich, and as an industry insider, I’ve worked as a corporate consultant in some of the biggest companies in North America, in both private and public sectors, including eBay, Telus, National Bank of Canada, British Columbia Lottery Corporation and in this podcast I’ll share some of the lesser known secrets in how to transform or propel your career forward.

I’ve also spent years researching and writing about life’s most profound truths and the most underrated career advice at my online magazine, read in over 130 countries.

My goal is to show you the deep, simple, and profound truths that will change how you think. The false beliefs that might be holding you back. And the most underrated tools to transform your career in the post pandemic world coming soon.


In this podcast I’ll also share free lessons from my career lessons and guides taken from My Authentic You Career Masterclass at:

If you’re interested in learning more about those courses or just in a particular section of the masterclass, know that I’m working on splitting out the courses smaller sections you can purchase as one offs. 

I’ll also have an Assertiveness training course coming soon. 


So be sure to come back over the next few weeks as I’ll share a very big discount code for subscribers of this podcast and for those who’ve subscribed at

Thanks to our music in this episode

For Originz by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



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