Any Mum Can
Any Mum Can
Aug 16, 2021
Female Power - Reaching New Heights in Your Career
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Episode #23

Dr Anne Whitehouse was a high flying scientist until she faced chronic fatigue syndrome, feeling like she didn't recognise who she was and how she felt in her workplace, which seemed designed for men to succeed, and less so for women.

On facing burnout and many months of severe illness, Anne began her search for answers - starting her journey of study into the subconscious mind.
Anne describes the subconscious mind as our operating system and it is old and has beliefs based on old conditioned beliefs bother personally and ancestrally passed to us, like women who speak out are persecuted, or like you’re not allowed to be yourself in your work environment with our true essence being squashed.   

We discuss the male energy and traits many women feel they need to adapt to fit in and get ahead in their careers, disempowering their female traits and energy. Other women respond differently with them shutting down like Anne, which can depend on many factors which she discusses.

Anne shares:

  • What Female Power is & how to embrace it.
  • How subconscious beliefs drive us 
  • Confrontational energy in the corporate world
  • Talks about frozen experiences
  • Women haven’t had the opportunity to use and
    see the STRENGTH of their Female Power

About Dr Anne Whitehouse
Dr Anne Whitehouse is the #1 bestselling author ‘Pull Back Your Power’, a PhD scientist turned Female Power Alchemist, and a subconscious transformation expert.  After her own spectacular burnout in the boys’ club world of university engineering, she uncovered the hidden roots that sabotage high-achieving women and devised a game-changing solution.    She now teaches visionary women to level the energetic playing field, breakthrough success limits, income ceilings, visibility blocks, and fulfil their dreams in the world AND recreate their relationships with men, both at home and at work.

Connect With Anne

Connect With The Host
Versha Patel works with high-achieving women 40+. Helping them prioritise themselves, their health, give themselves more energy and overcome hidden battles they face inside themselves. Ending self-sacrifice mindset and start living the way life wants them to live. She's a Health and Wellbeing coach & consultant, working with both organisations and women directly.  She is currently researching what issues women are facing in their workplace and health and wellbeing concerns that relate and what they feel is missing for them to thrive at work. Get in touch with her if you would like to take part in the research.

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