Ep. 18 - Who Am I? (solo dig)
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Well, it's been a rough week for the Winchester's, which lends to some of the reason as to why I'm late pushing out this week's episode. I'd been drafting ideas and research for this topic, and with the passing of my Grandmother as she leaves us in the physical realm, it seems a bit timely to dig deeper in meditation on who we really are as individuals, remembering our true essence and exploring why it is we're incarnated into this dance we call life. 

The question Who Am I is one we've likely all asked ourselves. And while there's many layers to this question, to remember who we really are is something that takes intention and awareness, and from my experience lots of meditation. To work towards peeling back the many layers of form in which we've slowly added on top of to create this false sense of self and the ego, is seemingly a lifetime's practice.

This week I share some of the coursework and insight's I've been meditating on as I work to discover my own inner essence and true self. I can only hope that, should you take the time to listen, it will enliven a desire for your own internal exploration. As always, in love & light  ✨ ~ tw

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Unveiling the Mystery of Who Am I - Deepak Chopra 

A Surprising Answer to Who Am I - Deepak Chopra 

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