Ep. 23 - Dae-Lee on Building Bridges with the Fair Play Music Equity Initiative
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This week's episode goes deep discussing the innate value of human life and the important need for not only systemic change, but of relationships and human connection. My guest, Dae-Lee, just so happens to be a natural bridge builder, and shares quite a bit of insight on the work he's doing to create an equitable music and cultural scene in the city of Charlotte.

As a GRAMMY nominated producer, recording artist and creative entrepreneur, Dae is also a founding member of the Fair Play Music Equity Initiative; a non-profit that advocates for a fair music ecosystem in Charlotte by engaging venue owners, event producers and organizations on the value of inclusivity in music programming as well as through establishing new equitable music platforms for all.


Our segment two quotes to ponder as you're tuning in are below: 

“If there’s any possibility for enlightenment, it’s right now, not at some future time. Now is the time. What does it take to use the life we already have in order to make us wiser rather than more stuck? What is the source of wisdom, at a personal, individual level? ~ Pema Chodron

“World on my back and it’s got me feeling stronger | why would I look back? No reasons I could conjure | It is what it is, a brighter future’s what I see | Lettin’ go of what was got me feeling free." ~ Dae-Lee - Go On (ft. Greg Cox)

“Imagine if we loved more than we hate and if we weren’t judged by the skin on our face. And care for the next man wasn’t out of place, cause we all knew one day we need that same grace." ~ Dae-Lee

Dae's segment three shares are:

It's the Block - Far too often, the voices and stories of Black people (specifically Black creatives), end up silenced or censored in such a way, that our stories no longer feel like our own. For three creative visionaries in Charlotte, this notion was felt and experienced firsthand. Instead of allowing it to continue, they put their respective talents and resources together to create a hub where Black creatives and creative entrepreneurs, could realize and reach their full potential.

Davita Galloway, David “Dae Lee” Arrington, and David J. Butler established Hue House to support cultural and arts communities of color, by providing the resources and opportunities needed to be successful and contribute to the wellbeing of the community.

To further the vision, they created a series of in-person events called “The Block” to bring the community together in one place, to share ideas and resources. Once the pandemic struck, they quickly shifted to presenting the monthly event in a virtual format.

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