Eps. 10 - Reality and the Stories We Tell Ourselves (solo dig)
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"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." - Albert Einstein

This week's episode is another solo dig where I share a few concepts I've been contemplating of late. I'm curious, have you considered how different the reality I'm living may be compared to the reality you're living? Or even your next door neighbor for example, do you think their reality is the same as yours simply because they live in the same neighborhood, support the same businesses or drive the same streets?

How about the stories we create in our heads? Have you paused the storytelling long enough to separate yourself from the thoughts, allowing you to find the space to recognize or even become aware of said storytelling?

Lately I've been a bit hung up contemplating the realization that all of our individual experiences quickly turn into memories - which are memories that then influence the stories we create in our heads, seemingly every second of every day - which ultimately play out in "real life" of physical form.

I can't help but wonder how do we change the narrative to create a more inclusive, empathetic and peaceful reality?

I can't say that I have the answers, but in this week's episode of #DharmaDigs I share a bit of what inspired these contemplative musings and why I believe a shift in our inner-storytelling can positively impact both our individual and collective realities as we know them.

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