Ep. 20 - Rebooting the Software of Your Soul (solo dig)
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We've all heard the saying, "Insanity is just doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results" - well this week I dive into how our Actions lead to Memories, which leads to Desires, ultimately looping us back to repeating similar actions again and again.

While many incorrectly credit Einstein for the Insanity quote (he claims he never said it), he did in fact produce the Theory of Relativity, which led to what's known in Quantum Physics as the Field of Unified Theory - basically assessing that all of us beings are connected and a part of the "one."

So what separates us then? That would be the thoughts we have and the actions we take as individuals. And, it's our actions that lead us into the feedback loop that finds us in repeating situations of suffering, both mental and physical.

According to Vedic philosophy, every action you take creates a memory, and every memory then creates a desire - and it's that desire that moves you to the next action. See the loop? This is referred to as the software of the soul.

As Deepak Chopra says, "Karma, memory, and desire are just the software of the soul. It's conditioning that the soul undergoes in order to create experience. And it's a cycle. In most people, the cycle is a conditioned response. They do the same things over and over again."

So how do we break these cycles you ask? Well, listen in to this episode as I share a simple exercise you can use in every day experiences to help with breaking free of the repetitive thought patterns.

As always, in love & light  ✨ ~ tw

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