EP22. Verbos que deberías conocer en español e inglés.
Play • 14 min

Aprende las traducciones de los verbos GET y GIVE y como usarlos en español e ingles. 

Amigos Learning Languages

GET BACK - volver, regresar - Cinderella had to get back by twelve o'clock.

GET IN(TO) - entrar - I lost my keys and so I couldn't get into the house.

GET OFF - bajar (de un autobus, tren) - You have to get off the bus at the next stop if you want the station.

GET ON - subir (a un autobus, tren, moto) - Quick! Get on the train, it's about to leave.

GET UP - levantarse - When I got up this morning it was still dark.

GIVE BACK - devolver - If you don't like the dress, the shop will give you your money back.

GIVE UP - perder la esperanza, rendirse - If you find phrasal verbs difficult, don't give up.

GIVE UP - dejar (de fumar, beber) - You'll get cancer if you don't give up smoking.

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