The Future of Genetics and Insurance
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The future of genetics and insurance is a rapidly evolving field with potential for tailored policies based on genetic information, but also raises concerns about privacy, discrimination, and health disparities. Policymakers are exploring regulatory frameworks to protect against genetic discrimination and ensure ethical use of genetic data by insurers.

Points of discussion:

1. With the increasing popularity of direct-to-consumer genetic testing, how do you think this will impact the future of genetics and insurance?

2. As personalized medicine becomes more prevalent; how do you see insurance policies changing to accommodate this? What are some challenges that may arise with this shift?

3. What are some potential ways that insurers can use genetic information to improve health outcomes of patients?

Speaker Bio: Efi Binder, is the Co-Founder & CEO of Futura Genetics. Futura Genetics is a digital health platform powered by genomic data and developed for life insurance issuers and their clients. The company offers life insurers effective, personalized tools designed to extend their customers' life expectancies, thereby increasing retention and decreasing claims. In addition, the company provides life insurance clients with a gamified personalized experience that uses their personal DNA to motivate them to be proactive about their health. To contact Futura Genetics, you can visit their website at

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