Working Within
Working Within
Sep 8, 2022
Episode #33: Accessing the Power of Empathy with Syah B.
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Welcome back and thank you all for tuning in to the latest episode of the Working Within Podcast Season 3! In this week’s episode we are joined by Syah B. who has literally built her career around opening up dialogue in work spaces. She teaches professionals how to trust and better understand people’s various experiences through empathy. She is a Creative Strategist for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace and she is changing the professional landscape as we know it.

As a non-binary Black person, Syah is no stranger to feeling left out of certain conversations. But it was through her love for really listening to everyone’s stories and finding her family in Denver’s Ballroom scene that lead her to discover her passion for changing the narrative in the professional workplace,  starting new, beneficial conversations with her clients as a social justice educator.

Please enjoy this meaningful conversation and head to our website or social media channels to stay involved in the conversation around empathy, queerness, and authenticity.

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