17: How Should Men Think When it Comes to Managing Rest? with Daniel Black, Robert Andrews, and Shawn Piedrahita
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In this episode, Chris Rivers, Brad Walbridge, Daniel Black, Robert Andrews, and Shawn Piedrahita tackle the question, “how should men think when it comes to managing rest?” They unpack the role of personality when it comes to managing rest and share practical ways to incorporate rest into our daily lives. Share, listen, and then discuss the application, key ideas, and Scripture references in a one-on-one conversation or with a group of men by visiting: https://resources.gracechurchsc.org/podcasts/men-at-grace


  1. Do you identify more with the tendency to overwork with limited rest or underwork with too much rest? Explain.
  2. What activities and interests allow you to feel most at rest? What stirs the creative side of your mind?
  3. Do you currently have a consistent rest plan? What does this look like?
  4. What are some changes you need to make to your schedule/routine to incorporate additional periods of rest in your life?


Authentic Manhood Study: https://resources.gracechurchsc.org/teaching/mens-roundtable/authentic-manhood

A Man and His Work Study:


Celebration of Discipline by: Richard Foster


Fight Hustle, End Hurry Podcast: John Mark Comer & Jefferson Bethke


Practical ideas pertaining to rest:

  • One practical way Daniel combats the tendency to overwork is by establishing a 24-hour Sabbath. This involves shutting down his phone on Friday afternoons, giving it to his wife, and having an extended time to rest/decompress. This small act allows him to be more present with his wife and family, prepares his soul for worship on Sunday, and serves as a reminder that he is not that important.
  • Robert incorporates rest into his daily routine through activities such as reading, sketching, writing, or anything that allows him to “step down” and move into the category of low energy impact.
  • Shawn incorporates short periods of rest throughout the day to intentionally stop and take a break from work. This might involve leaving his office, going outside, playing guitar, playing an active game, etc. He also takes time to read alongside his wife at night, choosing a book that allows him to dive into another world and activate the creative side of his mind.

If you know a man who would benefit from hearing this episode, share it with him. Having intentional conversations around these principles is a great way to disciple and help others move towards Christ.

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