15: What Kind of Man Do I Want to Be? with Micah Williams and Brandon Dejong
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In the 15th episode of the Men at Grace podcast, Chris Rivers, Micah Williams, and Brandon Dejong, members of Grace Church’s Pelham campus, tackle the question, “what kind of man do I want to be?” or, more specifically, “what kind of man does God want me to be?”  They discuss the core identity of an authentic man and explore practical strategies for building intentionality and natural rhythms around this idea. Share, listen and then discuss the application, key ideas, and Scripture references in a one-on-one conversation or with a group of men.

Episode Study Questions: https://resources.gracechurchsc.org/podcasts/men-at-grace


  • In considering the question, “what type of man do I want to be?” Micah and Brandon shared their initial thoughts. Micah, a self-described “floater,” noted the absence of intentionality in certain areas of his life. He realized how his tendency to take life as it comes, without a clear strategy, was not setting him up to become the man he wanted to be. Brandon began thinking about what it might look like to be different and set apart to the people around him. He asked himself how this might play out in his connections with his friends, his interactions at work, and his relationship with his wife.
  • The question “what type of man do I want to be?” leads us to reflect on two ideas: identity and strategy. Chris unpacked the concept of identity as it relates to authentic manhood. As men, we were created and have a Creator. We have a God-given calling to be “responsible for.” This means we move towards the people and situations God places in our lives and depend on God our Creator. In doing so, we are spurred on to good works and begin focusing on ways to accept responsibility and steward our identity in Christ.
  • When we understand our identity, we logically move to the concept of strategy. This answers the question, “how do I move?”  In most cases, lack of strategy is the primary reason for our ineffectiveness as authentic men. Chris presented a practical framework using “lanes'' to address different areas of our lives. He encouraged listeners to take some time to evaluate these categories, develop strategies, and evaluate progress. Micah and Brandon explored these concepts in further detail during the episode. 
  • Brad summarized three important takeaways: 1.) My desires and motivations need to align with God through process and action steps. 2.) Being on mission requires me to bring others along so they can see God moving. 3.) Community involves intentionally and repetition. 


Ephesians 2:10, Matthew 22:36-40, Matthew 28:16-20


Authentic Manhood Study: https://resources.gracechurchsc.org/teaching/mens-roundtable/authentic-manhood

A Man and His Work Study: https://resources.gracechurchsc.org/teaching/mens-roundtable/a-man-and-his-work

Sample Exercise using the Four Lanes: LINK

Have questions or want us to discuss a topic? Email us at: menatgrace@gracechurchsc.org.

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