E85: The Business of Business is Business...Or Is It? with Seth Matlins
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Seth Matlins is an award-winning marketer who has spent his career both in and advising the C-suite of some of the world’s biggest global brands. He is currently the Managing Director of the Forbes CMO Network, having joined Forbes in February of 2022. Prior to Forbes, he was EVP of Cultural Strategy and Insights at Hollywood powerhouse Endeavor’s full-service cultural marketing agency 160/90 and was the Global CMO of Live Nation.

Seth has been in the business industry long enough to know that it has changed drastically, especially over the last three years. His perspective is that the expression of humanity and shared value has become intertwined with the industry. The world is changing and we’re all playing at a different level now. Seth also thinks a lot about how “fear” has creeped in throughout his journey and how it is rarely a productive feeling, but it can be a productive motivator. Fear has forced him to confront the challenges of living his best life and question what that “best life” entails. As a father, Seth keeps in mind that he is a role model for his children and cares deeply about leaving the right legacy and priorities behind. You can listen to all the deep sentiments and interesting insights that Seth shares in this compelling conversation!

Some powerful takeaways from today’s episode:

  • How are we going to Reinvent the way we live?
  • “Better” is a subjective judgment
  • Human identity and expression are morphing and showing up in ways that have never been given before.
  • “The business of business is business”
  • The expression of humanity and shared value is now business
  • The absence of safety can keep a lot of good people from doing good and new things.
  • Fear is rarely a productive feeling, but it can be a productive motivator
  • Speaking the fear out loud, to yourself, is much healthier than keeping it in
  • “The only thing harder than speaking your truth is not”
  • “There is no try, just do” -Yoda


Seth Matlins’ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/seth-matlins-050b3514/

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