Season 3 Episode 10 - To Be Or Not To Be
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This popular question - "To be or not to be" is as old as time. Yet it is still relevant today; more so as the world pushes us to be ambitious and go after our goals. This week I explore why we have ambitions and where the desire to achieve comes from. Is it born out of good old fashioned fear, or a deep seated fear of being forgotten after we passed on or is it a desire for self expression? I ask poignant questions; which I hope will encourage us to reflect and truly uncover the the source of our desires to achieve - if you we have such desires.

I want us to truly sit with ourselves and examine if we can embrace just being - no striving; no hustling; no goals setting; nothing but to just exist for the pleasure of it. When was the last time; you did absolutely nothing and you didn't feel guilty? Can you allow yourself to just live and not worry about goals; dreams and ambitions; for a short while? This is not an endorsement to be lazy! NOT AT ALL!! I want us to realize that our worth; doesn't come from what we do; and have. You are; you exist and so you matter; your value comes from being you! There is only one you and nobody can do it better!

Some of us wait to go on vacation to relax, refresh and have fun. Others wait for a long weekend; why don't we create smaller moments where we enjoy life because we choose to. When was the last time you stopped to smell the flowers or bought yourself flowers? Can you remember hearing the birds chirp and enjoying nature at play? If we pause and observe we would quickly realize we have countless opportunities to just be! To be in the present; wholly and completely immersed in the present. Access all our senses and truly experience life!

To have goals is simply amazing; the pursuit of achievement offers direction to our lives and gives us meaning. But remember there is value in just being! Taking a moment for yourself is necessary. Taking a pause can re-center you; re-direct you; provide sharper focus; offer a fresh perspective or energize you to pick up right where you left off.

Whatever you decide is totally up to you! Do what is best for you and what offers you peace!

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