Üzleti angol 45.: Projekt menedzsment 4. Öt alapelv
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1. A good development phase is important.

This is when people involved in the project decide the objectives: what it aims to achieve and within what time. They calculate costs and if they do this carefully, the better the chance of success. In some cases, if they hadn't noticed the need for extra funding at this early stage, the projects would have failed.

To be involved in részt venni valamiben
Objective célkitűzés
To achieve sg elérni vmit
Extra funding extra pénzügyi támogatás

2. Roles and goals must be clear and realistic.

The project manager is responsible for the achievement of the objectives, and a kick-off meeting with the project team helps everyone to understand their roles. Further meetings take place to discuss individual workers' goals and these goals should be realistic. There are many examples of projects where they were not realistic, and problems arose as a result. If the project manager had considered the team members' goals more carefully, they could have avoided many problems.

The achievement of the objectives – a célkitűzések elérése, megvalósítása
Kick-off meeting – projektindító megbeszélés
Role - szerepkör
Realistic goal – reális, megvalósítható cél
To arise, arose, arisen – megjelenik, jelentkezik
To consider – megfontol, mérlegel

3. The schedule and risks must be managed efficiently.

The project manager produces the schedule and uses it to check that the team have completed tasks on time. Higher management will need reports at regular meetings, where they consider any risks to the project in terms of funding, time or staff. They make key decisions at these meetings.

Efficiently - hatékonyan
To produce the schedule – létrehozni a menetrendet
Higher management – felsővezetés
Key decisions – kulcs fontosságú döntések

4. Have good communication within the team.

There are many examples of projects on which the staff would have felt more motivated if there had been more communication. For project managers, good social skills and regular contact with the team are essential to make sure that everyone remains involved and informed.

motivated motivált, lelkes
social skills kommunikációs, kapcsolatépítő készségek
essential – lényeges
informed - tájékozott

5. Be ready to adapt.

Projects rarely go exactly as expected. Good project management requires the ability to deal with new challenges as the project develops.

To adapt - alkalmazkodni
To require – igényel valamit, szükséges valami
The ability to deal with – a képesség foglalkozni vmivel
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