The Beginner's Guide to Junior College Basketball - feat. JUCO Advocate's Brandon Goble
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Meet Brandon Goble, the CEO of JUCO Advocate and junior college basketball scout. JUCO Advocate, helps players gain exposure to junior colleges and their coaches. 

Listen in to learn the benefits of playing at a junior college and when it makes sense to go this route over a prep school.  You will also learn the importance of knowing your strengths and weaknesses as a player.

What You Will Learn:

[1:00] Brandon narrates how he fell in love with the junior college process and wanting to help kids tell their own stories.
[3:06] How he started JUCO Advocate by building relationships with Division 1 basketball coaches and players.  
[4:51] The qualities that Brandon looks for in kids that reach out to him.
[13:32] Why junior college is the best place to prepare yourself before heading to Division 1 basketball. 
[20:53] How the junior college scene has changed over the years and the kinds of ‘products’ it now targets and produces.
[25:16] The advantages of preparing for a Division 1 basketball career in junior college over prep school. 
[29:48] The questions you should be asking and how you should be preparing to get into a junior college. 
[34:02] The difference between kids who stay at a junior college  for one year versus two. 
[39:13] Brandon explains how scholarships and partial-scholarships work in junior college.
[42:52] The benefits of attending junior college when you’re not ‘good enough’ for prep school.
[53:18] The future goals and aspirations of junior college basketball coaches.
[54:29] How to do your research, ask the right questions and talk to the right people to find the right fit for you in junior college basketball. 

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