The Real Life Tank Girl & Un-Making Murderers
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This week was really a lot of fun for the Non Moms. Neither knew what woman the other had chosen to talk about, so surprises abound!

Debbie Jo kicks things off by telling Kelly all about Mariya Oktyabrskaya, the real-life tank girl who swore to avenge her husband's death and squash Nazi fascists with her very own T-34 tank during WWII. Mariya is about as badass as you can get, ladies and gentlemen. After her husband was killed in 1941 it took two years for word to make it to her. When she received the news, she sprung into action to seek revenge. She worked day and night for months to raise the 55,000 Russian Rubles needed to finance the tank build and once the funds were raised she wrote the Kremlin to tell them of her plan. If you want the rest of the story, you'll have to listen!

Next, Kelly tells Debbie all about Kathleen Zellner, attorney at law. If you think you've heard this name before, it's likely because you've watched the docu-series Making a Murderer (Part 2) on Netflix. Mrs. Zellner is the attorney for none other than Steven Avery. But this is just one of the famous cases that Zellner has served on.

To put it simply: Kathleen Zellner is a justice-serving badass who rights wrongs in cases involving wrongful death and medical malpractice, wrongful convictions, and exonerations. Zellner's firm has helped free seven men from death row and Zellner has righted more wrongful prosecutions than any other private attorney in America. What drives Zellner to fight so hard for what is right? You'll have to listen to find out! 


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