Suffragists, Communists, & Space Walkers
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Ok, ok, so... yes, Debbie Jo said like a dozen times on our last episode that we were going to do an Area 51-themed episode since it would be our 51st. However, Kelly had major brain fog and this episode was recorded the day before her major neurological surgery and she totally freaking forgot

That being said, after a bit of ribbing from Debbie Jo, Kelly kicks things off by telling everyone about Sylvia Pankhurst (thanks mom!) Sylvia was raised by folks who were actually into women's rights and education and raised her as such. She "hated fascism and lipstick," and for a time was very involved in Communism. She drifted from Communism eventually but remained active in movements against fascism and colonialism for all her adult life. She died an Honorary Ethiopian at the age of 78, in 1960.

Debbie Jo stuck to the actual theme of the show and talked about what was supposed to be the first all-female spacewalk, explains that it was canceled, and why. Yes, it's because there weren't enough medium-sized suits, but it actually goes deeper than that. Just listen, trust me, it's worth it. There's also some conspiracy and alien talk thrown in the mix for fun. 

Today marks 10 days since Kelly's surgery, which turned out to be a double laminectomy and full spinal fusion of the C6-C7 vertebrae (there's a cool animated video!) because her spinal disc had actually ruptured. She's recovering well, in spite of a plumbing disaster and stomach virus you're sure to hear all about on next week's episode. Tragic comedy, here we come! 




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