Librarians on Horseback in Eastern Kentucky
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A special announcement:

This week's episode is bittersweet as it will be our last, fresh episode until the New Year. Due to many variables, including Kelly's need to focus on healing after her next surgery, the podcast will be on hiatus.⁣⁣ It wasn’t an easy decision. But this next surgery is a doozy, and Kelly owes it to herself and every single fan we've told to put self-care first, to do just that.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Kelly will be in the hospital from October 22 - 25 or 26. She'll be working with occupational therapists to teach her how to navigate her body and life without hurting herself. ⁣⁣ Kelly is currently working on book No. 2 which is on medical gaslighting, still writing her blog and newsletter, and generally trying to kick as much ass as she can from the #businesscouch. There’s a promo code of HAPPYHOUR at to receive a discount on Nerdzilla and Mechanerdzilla merch. If you want to keep up with Kelly while we are away, you should subscribe to her newsletter at


On to this week's episode!:

Kelly tells Debbie Jo about the amazing horseback librarians of Eastern Kentucky!  During The Great Depression, The Pack Horse Library Project was launched as part of President Roosevelt's Work Progress Administration -- First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt had a passion for creating jobs that benefited women and children, especially, and saw a great need for literacy and access to education in Kentucky. 

At the time, unemployment in the region was at 40% and about 31% of the population in Eastern Kentucky couldn’t read. But how to deliver books to families living in the Appalachian Mountains, in treacherous terrain and cut off from so much of civilization?

You guessed it -- horseback! The ladies who delivered books, scrapbooks, magazines, and newspapers were definitely everyday heroes. We hope you enjoy learning about them as much as we did.  ⁣



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