Go Ask Alice...then Run Like Hell
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We're back! And so are our voices! (Mostly.)

We have news! So, first things first:

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This week, Debbie Jo tells Kelly all about Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of former President, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. Kelly's personal favorite quote from Alice is one that was stitched on a pillow that sat on her settee (sofa): "If you can't say something good about someone, sit right here by me." That's our kind of woman! Seriously, Alice was a rabble-rouser and once again Debbie Jo is convinced that she's accidentally stumbled upon one of Kelly's past lives. It's crazy that we never hear about Alice but here about her father and uncle all the time because, as far as we are concerned, she was the most fun out of the whole lot.

Kelly then tells Debbie Jo about Kathrine Switzer. Kathrine didn't set out to be an activist but it happened anyway, in a flash, when she became the first woman to officially register, run, and finish the Boston Maraton. This happened in 1967 and as you'll hear, race official Jock Semple was not happy about her participation. So much so that he attacked her, physically, and attempted to tear her running number bib from her shirt. Well, Kathrine's boyfriend, "Big Joe" tackled the guy and Kathrine's trainer Arnie yelled after her, "Run like Hell!" She did, and she finished the race. Then she went on to fight for having women's marathon running included in the Olympic Games, along with a number of other accomplishments.

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