Elephants, Bees, and Busses
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Before diving too far into the episode, the Non Moms took a moment to recognize all of their amazing Pod-Friends who came together in support of Kelly's dog, Rosebud, and her surgery on Wednesday, February 13. This episode was recorded the night before, and the ladies gave shout-outs to friends at:

NRI Woman Best Forevers Just So You Know Bad at Love Our True Crime Podcast and Deconstructing Damsels

Sadly, Rosebud ultimately didn't make it and was laid to rest on Wednesday, February 20th.  There will be a special minisode published shortly after this episode to pay tribute to and honor Rosebud's memory. On this week's episode, Debbie Jo kicks things off by telling Kelly about rats. No, seriously. She did. But that led to talking about her actual badass lady of the week, Dr. Lucy King. Dr. King is the found of Elephants and Bees Project, part of Save the Elephants. This badass lady figured out a way to save the lives of endangered elephants while also preserving the crops and livelihoods of desperate farmers, all with the help of... you guessed it, honey bees. It's a super cool story, and project and Kelly is obsessed with buying some Elephant Friendly Honey

Kelly follows that up with the story of Claudette Colvin who actually refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery, Alabama bus nine months before Rosa Park's more commonly recognized experience. She was a pioneer in abolishing the unconstitutional bus segregation laws of Montgomery, but she is often overlooked in history. And guess what, Y'all? She was only fifteen at the time. The Non Moms discuss the implications of younger generations playing integral roles in socio-political activism and social justice movements while often being overlooked and ignored. 

Finally, you'll hear Kelly lose her brain a little bit during this episode as the proof copy of her book arrived at her house literally seconds before the Non Moms hit record to start taping this episode.


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Sources for research of this week's episode:

http://elephantsandbees.com/ https://futurefornature.org/winners/lucy-king/ https://www.zoo.ox.ac.uk/people/dr-lucy-king



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