Cold Justice & The Matter of the Universe
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The best part of this week's episode is at the very end when Kelly renders Debbie Jo speechless. Sometimes ya gotta keep your partner on their toes, right? It's worth listening to, I promise. 

This week Debbie Jo kicks things off with answering everyone's burning question: What the hell did her food test reveal?!

Then it's time to get down to business, where Debbie Jo tells Kelly about one of their favorite badass women, Kelly Siegler, the former prosecuting attorney turned TV star in the true crime series Cold Justice streaming on Netflix. What both the Non Moms really appreciate about Kelly Siegler is just how passionate she is about solving the cases she takes on, the raw emotion and authenticity draws you in as she interacts with the families of victims and law enforcement officers, trying to solve cases that have been cold for decades. 

Kelly tells Debbie Jo about Cecilia Payne -- the woman who freaking discovered what the Universe and the Sun are made of! Though, she often doesn't get credit for it, because... MEN. (Thanks to Kelly's mom for bringing Cecelia's story to her attention!) Seriously, Cecilia was attending universities, making these huge scientific discoveries, and then not even receiving degrees for it because back then women didn't get degrees! Then, she went on to teach at Harvard for years without any recognition as a professor because women weren't allowed to be professors. It really makes you realize both how far we've come and how far we still have yet to go in the fight for women's equality. 

Please note: Kelly is a political scientist and not a physicist or astrophysicist so some of the things Cecelia Payne did were hard for the Non Moms to wrap their minds around. That doesn't make it any less badass.

Finally, the episode wraps up with the Non Moms talking a little bit about what got them both into true crime in the first place. As always, thanks for listening!


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