A Male Monopoly on History and The Shero of Flint, MI
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Alright, Y'all! Get ready! This week we are throwing down on men re-writing history to exclude women. Not cool, bros. Did you know that the game of Monopoly was originally The Landlord's Game, invented by a badass lady named Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Magie? Neither did Kelly, but Debbie Jo tells her all about it this week! It's pretty damn scandalous, honestly. We will never look at playing Monopoly the same, TBH. 

After learning about Lizzie, Kelly tells Debbie Jo about one of her heroes, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, who we'll call Dr. Mona for short. Why is she Kelly's hero? Well, long-time listeners already know that Kelly grew up in Flint, Michigan. Dr. Mona happens to be the pediatrician that exposed the Flint Water Crisis, urging citizens not to drink the water that was poisoning them and their children. She advocated for the residents of Flint even in the face of harsh criticism and accusations of fear-mongering by the State. She showed them! And she's still doing the work. 

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As always, thanks for hanging with us this week and every week. 


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