Three Inventors and a Forensic Pathologist Walk into a Podcast...
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Jesus wept, Y'All! (Shoutout to Sonya of Honesty Check.) The Non Moms are so glad to have finally recorded a new full-length episode, even if Kelly still feels like her voice sounded terrible. 

This week Kelly pulled a fast one and talked about not one, but three badass women inventors. She was inspired by Debbie Jo's coverage of Elizabeth Magie, the true inventor fo Monopoly, a few weeks back. Once she googled "women inventors we don't know about," the rabbit hole went to deep to pick just one. So, in this episode, you'll hear Kelly tell Debbie Jo about the inventions of Hedy Lamarr, Ada Lovelace, and Marie Van Brittan Brown.

Debbie Jo follows it up by telling Kelly about Dr. Chitra Rao, Canada's first ever female full-time forensic pathologist, known as a pioneer in her field. According to the article, The mom of the morgue: Canada’s first full-time female forensic pathologist is retiring, Dr. Rao has worked on more than 380 homicide cases. As they put it, "Stabbings, shootings, beatings, poisonings, mutilations — she has seen the worst of human nature." Thanks to Dr. Rao, a high number of cases that were blundered by other (male) scientists in her field, were solved correctly, freeing innocent people and imprisoning guilty persons whose cases had been mishandled in the past. But that's not even her whole story — wait until you hear all that she had to overcome and do to get to such a place in her career!

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