The Snake Boss & Zelda, Not Edmund, Fitzgerald
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This week actually kicks off with Athena, the diva pit-mix, howling at the Boop. The Non Moms are so, super excited because for the first time ever we are using to record and we can see each other's faces in real time while we record and Debbie Jo can make faces at Kelly to make her laugh in inappropriate places.

Debbie Jo officially kicks things off this week by telling Kelly about Julia Baker, The Snake Boss (or Snake Sheila, as she's referred to in Australia.) Julia accidentally fell in love with snakes when she moved to Australia as a young adult and has since become a one-woman, snack-catching, snake-and-nature-conservation crew and founded her own business doing it. She took it a step further and manifested her dream of someday being an actress and actually created her own damn reality show series that ended up on Animal Planet. That wasn't enough though, because then she manifested exactly the type of man she wanted to meet and fall in love with, and in walks Johnny Bagpipes. It's a super cute love story.

Next, Kelly tells Debbie Jo all about the amazingly talented author, dancer, and socialite, Zelda Fitzgerald. She happens to have been married to F. Scott Fitzgerald, author of American literary classics such as The Great Gatsby who consistently stole his wife's prose and short-stories, even chunks of a novel, and published them as his own! What a dick! He even admitted in his own writing that he purposely did what he could to drive her mad. Be ready to get heated, Y'All. The Non Moms essentially come to the conclusion that F. Scott Fitzgerald never would have been so famous and successful an author without his uber-talented wife carrying his ass.

Quick note - It's #IndieApril! This is a month to celebrate independent authors, like our very own Mechanerdzilla. If you'd like to learn more about Kelly's book, you can visit her website at

Thanks for being with us this week and every week! We hope you enjoyed a better-sounding, clearer, more real-life, and authentic-sounding podcast episode. We had a lot of fun recording in the new format and are excited to have future guests in the new virtual studio. Be a real ass human Y'All!



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