Amidst The Chaos
Amidst The Chaos
Oct 19, 2021
40. Hydrating and Nourishing Families in a Healthier Way, with Ashi Jelinek
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Any of you out there feel like there MUST be a certain product you are looking for, but when you search you can't find it? For most of us, after we come up empty, we find the next closest thing. But today's guest is not like most of us! Ashi Jelinek was looking for a vitamin infused drink for her kids instead of watering down the juice that was on the market. When she couldn't find anything, the woman MADE IT HERSELF!!!

Ashi talks to me about her life pre Kidsluv and how she slowly starting making iterations and diving into flavors for this product. She dives into how she worked on the branding and really figuring out her audience -- I was blown away with how foreword thinking she has been throughout this whole process! She then talks about how she had these grand visions of launching and having a huge success, but that wasn't the case, and what she did next just blew me away. Instead of giving up, she really dove into making things better and figuring out how to build relationships with retailers. We then talk about the identify crisis you find yourself in as a founder -- where do you fall into this crazy founders world. We finish off with her telling me what a typical day is like and what her biggest tips are for developing a drinks, and then she hits me with a big admission -- she was so naiive as to what building this would entail at the beginning, and looking back she isnt sure if she would do it again!

Ashi was SO SO easy to talk to -- she opened up, was honest and really introspective on her journey. Weather you have kids or not, you HAVE to check out her products (and be on the lookout for new ones soon). Head to their site or instagram page to learn more and enjoy 20% off 16pcks with code LUVVIP20 on Amazon.

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