Amidst The Chaos
Amidst The Chaos
Feb 16, 2021
04. From Co-Op Parent to Toy Library Owner, with Lisa Bourven
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I’ve found that one of the biggest obstacles people (women, in particular) have when thinking about starting a business is not realizing their hidden passions and talent. My guest this week is the perfect example of someone who allowed an idea to grow, did the work to set herself up and launched a business she is proud of!

Lisa Bourven is a mom of two in Northern Virginia and the founder of The Toy Nest; a toy rental library -- yes, just like you rent books, you can rent toys!! What I found most inspiring was that Lisa hadn't been sitting on this exact idea for years, she didn't have an extensive background in the toy library space (though, does anyone? ha), but she saw a need, listened to her intuition (and all her mom friends begging for a solution) and decided she needed to start this! 


Lisa breaks down her background, starting with her career in retail operation and executive management. After she took a break from the corporate world to have kiddos, she continued to find work and passions to focus her energy into. Through this wide range of work and life experiences she was able to gain insight into how women and mothers thought, what their pain points were and what they needed. 

She started googling for a solution-- just like the rest of us do!-- and saw that the idea of a rental toy library existed, but not near her! Lisa set out to change that and open her own.

Just like most plans we make, it didn't go according to the timeline she had laid out! Setback after setback arose, but she continued to push through and opened in March 2020 -- YES, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC!! 

Lisa explains the importance of not having to do everything at once. She also reveals her biggest piece of advice, and, take it from me, you’ll want to pay attention!

Lisa gives specific and practical advice for those who are looking to find a career, or side gig in something they love that also makes sense for their family financially. She also gives a raw and honest update on how she is feeling mentally with everything going on - and I doubt she's alone in her feelings! Regardless of the current situation, she tells me how she is being proactive about her future so she is not stressing and scrambling later (I need tips on this ha)!

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