Amidst The Chaos
Amidst The Chaos
May 18, 2021
18: Changing The Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry, with Emree Woods
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Have you noticed that there seems to be a different type of kombucha or sparkling water launching every week, yet the non-alcoholic beer options are still the same (boring) brands??

Today's guest is on a mission to change that! Emree Woods is the founder of Rightside Brewing, a hand-crafted non-alcoholic beer that combines premium ingredients with authentic taste. She aims to help people prioritize themselves allowing you to socialize without sacrifice!

Emree dives into her road to starting Rightside, how she manages to juggle the new start up with her current full time job... and two kids! She's open and honest about what she does and does not know and how she leans into that; outsourcing where she sees its most beneficial. One aspect in particular she talks about is the branding expert she pulled in to help her figure out the competitive landscape and having someone to talk to about the brand itself. We dive into one of my favorite topics, pushing through on the days that she doesn't want to and how she includes her kids in her business.

Emree had such an amazing approach to things and a real self awareness that you don't often find when people are in the throws of starting a company. Not only will you get some great insights and tips, BUT you should check out their product -- I promise, its worth it, and Dana approved! Check out Emree and the Rightside Brewing team on Instagram, Facebook and their website!


Full show notes here.

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