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Learn to Appreciate What You Have

I woke up early this morning and decided I’d take a walk before starting my daily work. It was a chipper 15 degrees as I began my trek to the grocery store about one half mile away. We needed groceries for dinner so I figured, why not walk there for the exercise and kill two birds with one stone. I love multi-tasking.




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Did I mention it was 15 degrees outside? About half way through the walk I realized how unwise my decision was and the warmth of my home was looking pretty good. It was so cold that my eyes were tearing up and freezing as the drips came out.

As I was contemplating my poor lapse in judgment a lumber truck carrying the wood framing for the construction of a new house passed by me on its way to deliver its load… Now my thoughts of hardship changed from myself to how miserable those workers were going to be working outside in 15 degree weather putting this house frame together. I then realized how much I love my job.

It’s amazing how adversity can change your prospective and make you appreciate things. I’ve often heard the saying like: “I was complaining about my feet being sore until I saw a man with no legs.” I’m sure you’ve heard many similar sayings as well. No matter how bad you think you have it there’s always someone else who has it worse and would appreciate having your so called hardship.

Be thankful for what you have and thank you for visiting.









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