Improving on Life
Improving on Life
Dec 11, 2015
Hypnotize Yourself by Writing – How-to Video
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Learn How-to Hypnotize Yourself Just by Writing – Free Self-Help Manual

Writing is one of many forms of self-hypnosis you can use for yourself and your loved ones to enhance virtual any area of life. If you can imagine it and write about it then you can attain it!




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Remember the basic Rules;

  • Hypnosis is simply being open to suggestion.
  • All suggestion is self-suggestion.
  • The more detail you can make suggestion – spell it out – the better it works.
  • Imagination is the key to delivering the suggestion.
  • Suggestions are accepted whether your eyes are opened or closed, relaxed or not.

This is a form of what we call waking hypnosis and it’s very powerful.

There’s something magical that happens when you write things down. The act of writing things seems to make them more ingrained in your mind.

When making a decision you make a list of the pros and the cons. It gives you a clearer picture.

In goal creation you write;

  • What you want…
  • Why you want it
  • When you want it
  • How much you want of it
    And details of what it will take to get it

This clarifies it in your mind so you can begin the attraction process.

Even in marital or relationship counseling partners are asked to make a list of their favorite qualities about their partner. By making this list they get to learn more about what they like about each other.

It helps them to see the good features in their partner that they may have overlooked before their initial problems. It often times helps them to see what they initially saw in their partner that drew them towards each other.

• Take the time to write a script for yourself.

To make it even more effective, write it in a letter form as if you’re writing yourself a letter of what you’d like to see yourself accomplish. Be as detailed as possible in writing it in a way that you can use your imagination to see your goal effectively.

  1. Make it simple,
  2. Believable
  3. Measurable
  4. Positive
  5. Present tense
  6. Carry a reward if possible

You can write a script and read it back to yourself daily – or-
You can write a letter to Santa -or
You can write a letter to someone (an imaginary person, without mailing it) explaining what it is you’d like to change or improve in – or
One of my favorites is:
Imagine that this person you’re writing to is like a Genie who can grant you any wish…

  • The key is – you need to be very detailed in your description of what you want as the Genie doesn’t know you at all…
  • He’ll grant anything that he thinks is close to what you want.
  • He thinks like a child and is literal without a firm understanding of life yet.
  • He’s also a bit mischievous to be “very clear”.

I want a hundred bucks – You get 100 male deer!
I want to look like a movie star – You look like George Burns at 100 years old.
A crippled boy who has a crooked leg and asks to have one leg like the other may just get two crippled legs.

Be specific and leave nothing to the guessing.
That’s what makes it such a powerful hypnotic method – You’ve made it so clear that you can imagine it easily. Then all you need to do is read the letter and Imagine it happening.

You can imagine it with your eyes closed, daydreaming with your eyes open while you’re reading it or anyway you like. The imagination is the hypnotic catalyst that makes it happen.

So your steps are to decide what you want, then:
1. Write a letter to your Genie and spell it out as clearly as possible
2. Read your letter daily and Imagine that it’s already happened to you.
3. Continue doing it until it does.
How long?
If it’s building a new habit it usually takes a minimum of 30 days…
But it will take whatever it takes!
How much do you want it?
4. Believe it and Expect it



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