Improving on Life
Improving on Life
Nov 20, 2015
Energy Vampires
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7 Types of Energy Vampires and How to Deal With Them!

Energy Vampires Are people who leave you drained of your energy, emotionally and physically just by being around them. You feel like you just had the life sucked out of you. You can say “they brighten up a room just by leaving it!”



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Who are they?

They can be your spouse, children, parents, relatives, co-workers or virtually anyone.
There could be one standing behind you right now!

How do you SPOT an Energy Vampire?

  • You suddenly feel tired for no reason.
  • If you know you’re going to be meeting with them:
  • You feel you have to prepare with excuses as if you’re going into battling with them.
  • You immediately feel sick, down or like running.
  • When you see them coming down the grocery store isle and you turn around and go the other way to avoid them,
  • You feel like you just got trapped.

Types of Energy Vampires

  1. The Victim – Everything’s always someone else’s fault.
    They won’t take responsibility for anything and always have an excuse.
    Whenever you try to help them they respond with “yes but…”
  2. The Downer – Always negative and down – Make you feel drained just by walking in the room.
    Complaining all the time about everything (they’re really good at it)
    They share all their problems with you but never want to talk about the solutions.
    Their very attached to their problems.
  3. The Narcissist – The Takers (me first) The world revolves around them.
    People who take and never give back.
    I want your money, time and your energy.
    They can never see your side of things.
  4. The Manipulator – Always complimenting you to get you to do things.
    You do that so much better than me.
    You’re so great at that. Can you do this for me?
    You’re so strong, can you move those boxes?
    You’re so healthy and go out all the time… can you do some shopping for me today.
    Once you agree it seems to turn into a regular thing.
  5. The Controller – They tell you how to feel and what to do – They must be in control of everything.
    You should be happy to have him in your life.
    Stop doing it that way, this is the way it’s done.
    You really shouldn’t wear that… wear this instead.
    You can’t be yourself around them.
  6. The Split Personality – They come across loving and happy and then turn totally negative and angry.
    They feed off of anger.
    They pit people against each other.
    They don’t want solutions they simply want the negative attention they’re getting.
  7. The Purely Attention Seeker – They constantly talk and never listen.
    They love to tell stories that are usually longwinded and pointless.
    They’ll find any reason to keep you there.
    When you first see them you try to get away but they’re very good at catching you.

Vibrations of an Energy Vampire
When tuning a piano – tuning fork C resonates with C plus Hi-C plus Low C
A Victim Vampire for instance would attract – Victims, Villains and Heroes …
Their all in the same frequency and are virtually the same. One requires the other. Be aware of this and change your behavior.

How to deal with them
Fix, change, eliminate
Get Distance from them

If you work with them:

  • You may not be able to distance yourself from them since you work with them every day.
  • You may have to confront them and tell them; please don’t do that.
  • You’re not a trash can.

The Victim

  • Just listen but don’t try to fix it – Men are from Mars – women are from Venus
  • Set firm boundaries – (they will be offensive sometimes)
  • Let me know when you’re ready for solutions and we’ll talk.

The Downers

  • Ask them what they “Do” want. Focus them on what’s positive.
  • Small talk if you have to and move on.
  • Distance yourself if you can.
  • Confront them if you have to.

The Narcissist

  • Keep your expectations realistic as it is always about them.
  • Never look for their approval.
  • Keep in mind the words “how can it benefit them?”

The Manipulator

  • Thank them for the compliment and kindly say no!
  • Start asking them to do things for you that they’re good at. They may find you too demanding.
  • If it gets out of hand – distance yourself from them

The Controller

  • Never tell them what to do.
  • Thank you for your suggestion and I’ll consider it.
  • Stick to the issues

The Split Personality

  • Stay emotionally neutral so as to not set them off.
  • Don’t take sides.

The Purely Attention Seeker

  • Set boundaries and be honest with them
  • They know they’re the way they are. Stand your ground if you have to.
  • I really don’t have time right now.

Keep in mind that you’re the most important resource in your life and if you’re being affected by the Energy Vampires you may have to take drastic measures to Eliminate them!

Not a STAKE THROUGH THE HEART but you might have to:
Get firm and confront them – Telling them to STOP, distance yourself from them, or eliminate all contact.

Good luck with your Vampires

Thanks for visiting and
Have a spectacular day!



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