Improving on Life
Improving on Life
Nov 13, 2015
My Gratitude List – An Exercise You Can Use
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How to Use Emotional Frequencies to Get What you Want in Life.

Did you know that the emotion of Gratitude is one of the highest frequencies second only to love? Showing gratitude helps you to feel better, gets you focused on what you’re happy about and attracts to you more of what you’re grateful for.




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Being grateful puts you in ALIGNMENT with what you want. There’s that word again “Alignment”. It’s the key to getting, keeping or having anything you want in life.

  • Do you want a great relationship?
  • Do you want perfect health?
  • Do you want more income to come in?
  • Do you want to be really happy?
  • Is that what you’re in alignment with now?

Being in alignment with what you want is the most important step in attracting it.

You can’t attract what you don’t’ have? Vibration-wise I’m mean.

  • A hateful person can’t attract love!
  • A person focused on poverty won’t attract wealth and
  • A person always thinking about being sick can’t attract health.

It’s called the Law of Vibration and it’s even more important than the Law of Attraction.

So how do you get this Law of Vibration to work for you? By being grateful for what you have and for what you want! Even if you don’t have it yet. It’s what I call the fake-it-till-you-make-it stage. Why not focus on the parts of your life that are good rather than the parts that are bad.

I spoke to a client a while back that told me that he was so in debt that his life was terrible. He was so down and focused on doom that he was attracting more negative to him daily. In asking him what was wrong I found that he had some big bills coming due with no idea how to pay them off. I decided to use a different direction of questioning with him and asked:

How’s your job going? He said oh I love it, it’s going great.
I asked about his family. He said he had a daughter that he absolutely loved.
He was happily married and they seemed very close.
He had food on the table, a nice home, good friends and outside interest and hobbies that he enjoyed…

After questioning him about a few other things that seemed to be going well we looked at the overall picture. Most of his life was going great and it was the bills that made it all look futile. So it was only about 5 – 10% of his life looking down.

Lots of people can be placed into this same category. Why focus on the 10% of things going bad in your life when you can focus on the 90% going great. You always get more of what you focus on and you’re in vibration with.

So what do you want? More misery or happiness? Tough choice right?

Even if you have more bills than you can handle now… You must have some money to pay off part of them. So if you have some money why not focus on being happy about that rather than not having enough? This guy was focusing on the 10% rather than the 90 and getting more of the negative 10%.

What I’m getting at is that; if you can focus on the smaller percentage and still get more of it… then if the GOOD in your life is less than the bad, you can still focus on the smaller Good and be Grateful for it and attract more and more until it overrides the bad and takes over.

So there is ALWAYS some positive in EVERY part of your life that you can be grateful for even if it’s very minute and begin to grow it!

So let’s get started:

What are you Grateful for?

  • I’m grateful for my wonderful relationship with my partner Raluca.
  • I’m grateful for my 6 children, granddaughter and extended family all being happy and healthy.
  • I’m grateful l for having a comfortable place to live.
  • I’m grateful for my super health.
  • I’m grateful for my wealth.

I have much more to be grateful for by the way but these are 5 of the top of my list. Reciting and focusing on them a few times each day will begin to get me in the vibration of them if I’m not already there and attract more of what I’m grateful for.

Yes it is an added effort in your daily routine but being successful in life is a constant endeavor and won’t come by sitting in your recliner and doing nothing.
Sharing your list also helps as now you have record of it and others that can help keep you on track.

Now it’s your turn:
In the comments below write down what you’re grateful for. Put at least 3-5 things. Even if you don’t completely have them yet remember you can still be grateful for the little bit you do.

Type them in so others can see them, so you have a written record and so you can come back in a week or a month to see how much they’ve increased.

By the way, when you do please be sure to let us all know so everyone can be happy for you and add to your vibration of gratefulness. What a boost that will be…

Wave a wonderful day and Be Grateful!



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Thanks for Visiting!

“Type in what you’re Grateful for below!”

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