Improving on Life
Improving on Life
Sep 11, 2015
Morning Rituals for a Successful Day
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Six Things I do Before 7 AM for a Successful Day?

  • Do you get up each morning with no get-up-and-go?
  • Do you wish you had a regimen to get your motor going?

I’ve personally found that having a morning routine of sorts is a great way to start a new day, give me added energy and motivation to attain my daily goals. An early morning ritual can help you to succeed.  Let me share mine with you.


(Here’s the outline of what’s in this Podcast)

  1. Exercise – Stretch & do you favorite exercises to get the flow going. I do mine at work.
  2. Shower – Take a morning shower- think, relax &enjoy, Chair? Be careful!
  3. Read morning affirmations – positive or motivational quotes, recite what you’re thankful for or review your bucket list.
  4. Breakfast – Have a healthy breakfast and be mindful while eating.
  5. Meditate – or get outside and soak-in nature, contemplate and just be for a while.
  6. To do list – check your progress from yesterday, update your list & plan your day today.
    1.  I like to list 7 – 8 things I can do today including personal as well.
    2. I write them on my desktop so I can see them and cross them off when done.
    3. I check my list in the evening as well to see if I accomplished them all.

Have a great morning!



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Tell us about your Daily Rituals below…

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