Improving on Life
Improving on Life
Aug 21, 2015
How NOT to Get Things Done Successfully
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How the Subconscious Mind Does-Not Understand Negative!

It’s important to start by eliminating No, Not, Don’t, Doesn’t from your vocabulary…



(Some of the notes used in creating this video and mp3 to give you an idea of what’s inside)


  • Don’t Read This (I often put this in a book where I want someone to look)
  • Don’t Look – (Someone shouts when they’re doing something secretive in the corner)
  • Don’t Stop – (People will stop to see what’s happening)
  • Don’t Look Down – (That ones obvious)
  • Don’t Move – (Say that to a 4 year old and see what happens)
  • Don’t Drop That! – (Child with glass full of milk)

This Is why you always seem to attract what you DON’T want!

  • What are you focusing on?
  • You don’t want to:
  • be sick
  • Go broke
  • Get a divorce
  • Run into a bad client today
  • Get into an accident
  • Get a cold
  • Be late for work

You need to STOP focusing on what you Don’t want and
Only focus on what you do want.

It’s funny how when counseling people and asking them what they want they’ll say: I don’t want to have a bad relationship…

Eliminate Negative from everything you say.

Avoid being around negativity.
Never be part of organizations that have negativity in their names
Even other Theresa said; I’ll never be part of an organization with negativity in their name… because the

  • War against aids increases aids
  • Stop Breast Cancer increases focus on more cancer
  • War against terrorism attracts more terrorism

Instead how about the march for peace? Movement for health.
We are so negative as a society. “We even define our timelines by our wars.

  1. WW1Era
  2. WW2era
  3. The Vietnam era

We spend billions each year on weapons of mass destruction but how much on peace.
When’s the last time you say something positive on the news that had just as much viewership as something negative?
War, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, murders, riots and worst of all: Politics
It all causes confusion, stress and detracts from positive growth.
So instead of “what you don’t want” say “what you do want”
Instead of:

  • Don’t want poverty – say I do want wealth
  • Don’t want to be sick – say I want health
  • Don’t want a divorce – say I want a wonderful relationship.

What do YOU want?



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