Improving on Life
Improving on Life
Aug 21, 2015
How to Program Your Mind While You’re Sleeping
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The subconscious mind is always in the ON mode!

It records or stores even while you’re sleeping…



(Some of the notes used in creating this video and mp3 to give you an idea of what’s inside)

In fact I frequently go to sleep listening to nighttime MP3s with positive or healing affirmations on them to condition my mind while sleeping.

The suggestions go straight to the SC because the Conscious mind is sleeping and letting them go through without resistance.

If you’re watching TV, you subconscious can pick up conversations outside your window if they’re audible.

Ex:ample I hypnotized a woman once who told me that during the session she
could hear the teens getting out of school talking outside the office.
There were no windows it had cement-brick walls.
I didn’t even hear them but she could tell me what they were saying.

  • The dangers of listening to commercials while sleeping
  • How conditioning MP3s can condition your life
  • There’s nothing else to do while sleeping so it is time effective as well.



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