Annual #1: The Letters
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It’s Chatsworth, 2020. Dan Gvozden, a popular Spider-Man podcaster has been receiving anonymous letters from a mysterious figure who calls himself Norman Osborn. Suspected is his affable cohost, Mark Ginocchio.

Now, it is up to Mark’s wife, Erin, to exonerate her husband and uncover the mystery of who is behind these threatening mailers. Dan Gvozden’s life may hang in the balance, but the trouble is… Norman Osborn could be anyone.


“Annual” is a true-crime podcast produced by Dan Gvozden and Amazing Spider-Talk. We strongly advise you start listening with episode one of the series.

You can follow the clues with each episode (see below) to help us crack this very real and very much ongoing case. Can you figure out who Norman Osborn is?

This episode was painstakingly edited by Rick Coste. Our theme songs were pilfered from Nick Thorburn for parodic use. Featuring the voice talents of Erin Ginocchio, Mark Ginocchio, John Ginocchio, Dan Gvozden, Amy Gvozden, Rick Coste, Tristan Mathews, Rosa Munguia-Mathews, Ian Levenstein, Donovan Morgan Grant, Kris Markl, Grant Hutchinson, Matthew Deragisch, John Nieves, and Wyatt Unger.

If you want to discuss Spider-Man and the events of the “Annual” miniseries, we’d love to see you on our Amazing Spider-Slack community board and in the #AnnualTalk channel. If you’d like to join in on our amazing conversations, click this link to get started:

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