(EP40) Conversational AI + Chatbots | Chad Oda (Part 1)
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When we talk into the void, who talks back—a human or a bot? This fascinating conversation with chatbot expert Chad Oda is a deep dive into what’s happening in the world of conversational and chatbot AI. Chad sits at the center of the conversation between researchers, brands, and vendors about the latest and greatest in conversational AI. He runs a consulting firm that helps companies sort fact from fiction, and hosts the industry-leading podcast, The Bot Podcast.


Get ready for:

  • Some great pre-show talk: Germans, donuts, and men’s fashion!
  • No matter what field you’re in, take care of your appearance and learn to own the room
  • In any emerging market, there’s an information access imbalance. Companies have to sort through the hype to find what really works for them
  • Conversational AI isn’t going to eliminate the need for customer service agents; it will make their jobs more enjoyable by eliminating the repetitive, easily answered questions 
  • And, the conversation was so fruitful… we pause for Part 2 next week!


The Straight Truth: Rather than blaming technological revolutions, grow with them.


Episode References:

Revtown Jeans

CCPA legislation

Andrew Klein on All In

Cyber Crime Documentary


Connect with Chad Oda on LinkedIn, Twitter @chad_oda, and Instagram @chad.oda.

Learn more in the Conversing AI Facebook Group, and on Chad’s site at http://chatmode.io, where you can find also links to his show, The Bot Podcast, and (free!) digital academy, Chatbot Summit

Connect with Rick @MrRickJordan on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn 


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