Episode 250: The Shocking Loggerhead Shrike
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When you think of your typical songbird, you probably imagine a cute small bird fluttering about. Singing their songs and maybe catching a few insects here and there. Well, the Loggerhead Shrike has something to teach you. Not all songbirds are innocent. The Loggerhead Shrike is often called a "butcher bird" for its unique diet and behaviors. See the Loggerhead Shrike hunts all sorts of prey, small reptiles, amphibians, insects, mammals and even other birds. Then, when they catch their prey, they like to fly and spike it on a twig, fence, or anything that will hold their food. Sometimes they let their food spiked for days before they eat it. This cute bird has astounded the scientific and bird watching community for years, and is one you want to learn more about. 

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