The Pursuit–Manifesting Our Own Path
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What if I told you by putting your pursuit out in the Universe you are more likely to reach your destination or goals than if you kept it to yourself?

Now, I don't have any scientific data to back this up, but I have numerous real life experiences, both personally and through others, to convince me that I am more likely to reach my goals by sharing them with others--I rarely keep a goal or important aspiration to myself. I need it out in the universe so it can manifest itself.

Let's talk a little more about this...

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My Notes For The Episode
I don't usually "script" as much as I did for this episode, but as I began to write out my thoughts I couldn't stop writing. I ultimately decided it could have been a blog post and maybe someone would rather read it. So, don't get use to having a written version of every episode 😀 I didn't edit this--just copied and pasted it from Notion--so please excuse the errors.

Thanks, fellas.

You'll have to excuse my voice. It's spring time, which means allergies are kicking up and this is the result of a full day of talking...

I came into this evening's recording feeling confident I had a great subject planned out—earlier this week an idea came to me in the middle of the night. I confidently scribbled in a notebook next to my bed just enough to remember what I wanted to talk about.

I opened my notebook this evening to start recording and laughed—"leave open doors and not fully our journey" was what I wrote down. Leave open doors and not fully our journey—-what did this mean?!?

Well, I'm still not fully sure—I've got to make sure I do a better job of taking notes in the middle of the night going forward.

But—the notes still worked.

As I struggled to remember exactly what I was thinking, a idea along a similar thread came to me. I think it's connected to the doors and I'll eventually get there.

As we continue to discuss our pursuit—the pursuit of happiness, of purpose, of the next phase of life, whatever it is you might be pursuing I want to discuss the power of putting your wishes out into the universe to manifest themselves.

What do I mean by this?

There are many ways...

1.) write it down—your eyes only. But what fun is that?

2.) Tell someone

3.) Create content

4.) Social media

You have to do more than just think it—-there's something about saying or writing it down.

A real life example—I may have shared in a past episode—I can't remember since most of these episodes I'm just sitting down and hitting record. I love this story...

Last year my wife found a piece of paper she had written goals down on in 2019. Part of the key to this story is she FOUND the piece of paper—meaning it was "lost", forgotten about, and not something she looked at every day as a reminder. As she reviewed her goals, every single one of them had come true, even though she wasn't intentionally focused on them. Some of these goals, like revenue goal for her business, were out of her control and yet she still reached them. Now obviously, writing them down—that action in itself did not make them come true—but she never would have reached them if she didn't write them down. A goal cannot be reached—-your pursuit cannot be successful if the destination is not documented somewhere.

Another benefit of sharing your goals is the ability of others to help you. If you never share where you want to go how can anyone make an introduction, an investment, or offer support to help you on your pursuit? If they don't know, they can't help.

I have a good friend, Nyle Bayer who is ridiculously talented when it comes to many things—but his passion is music. He's in finance but I know his first and true love is music. The intro music to this podcast and many of my videos is his work—I love it. In an effort to help him pursue his passion and find a new source of purpose and happiness, I put it out in the universe that I wanted him to m...
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