All About Fitness
All About Fitness
Oct 15, 2020
Josey Greenwell - Accidental Fitness Star
1 hr 9 min

"Change is the only constant in life," was an observation first made by Greek philosopher Heraclitus. Many of us may now be working in careers that were not in our initial plans when we first set out in life. Josey Greenwell is currently a Lead Instructor for Barry's Bootcamp, but fitness was not his original career path. Josey began the journey to become a musician but instead of performing in nightclubs and venues he found his calling in fitness where he now motivates and helps others to achieve their best life through exercise. Recently Josey has made a few more changes, including a return to the recording studio, and is now releasing the album City Games. On this episode of All About Fitness, Josey Greenwell shares his story of how he became a top instructor for Barry's, a leading boutique fitness studio and what making music means to him. This is a fun and lively conversation about how to make the best out of the constant change that defines our journey in life. 


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Join Pete for 30 min. HIIT Workouts from the comfort of your own home! Wednesdays and Fridays at 12pm pacific / 3pm eastern, only $10 FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR DETAILS 


Join Pete for 30 min. HIIT Workouts from the comfort of your own home! Wednesdays and Fridays at 12pm pacific / 3pm eastern, only $10 FOLLOW THIS LINK FOR DETAILS 


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The Optimal Body
The Optimal Body
Jen Esquer & Dom Fraboni
55 | The LCK Method to Optimal Hormones, Health and Body Image
Have you ever struggled with gut health issues? What about hormone issues? Maybe even body image struggles? You are not alone. Learn from podcast guest, Laurie Christine King, Austin’s #1 personal trainer and nutritionist, as she opens up about her personal journey, what she’s learned and her recommendations to finally take control back of your own health and body. Listen towards the end to even hear from Doc Jen and Dr. Dom’s experience with some of these health struggles. Get 50% OFF the entire first year of The Optimal Body Membership THIS WEEK ONLY!! Check it out here: No code necessary! Ends Friday, December 4, 2020 What You Will Learn in This Interview with Laurie Christine King:@lauriechristineking 02:38 – Laurie’s goal for putting out the information that she does 07:30–Why  are hormones important to pay attention to? 10:50 – Why Laurie started creating content and who she started creating content for 13:14–Why weight training? Is it important for women? 20:14 – Authenticity and credibility with coaches on the internet 21:50 –Laurie’s experience with hormonal birth control - How long it took her to get where she’s at today 23:24 – Laurie’s experience with gut health and information about gut testing 27:17 – Laurie’s experience with hormone replacement therapy and what to expect 32:10 – Where Laurie recommends people to start if faced with these types of issues 34:26 – Laurie’s message to those who obsess over fitness 38:26 – What Laurie believes every woman should be educated on 44:09 – The difference between a smart doctor and a good doctor 45:53 – Different types of thyroid tests and when’s the best time to get them as a woman 48:28 – Optimal thyroid ranges to pay attention to 50:41 – Laurie’s recommendation for gut health plan 55:11 – Laurie’s view on birth control for the body 58:54 – Dr. Dom’s experience and story with food and weight training 1:04:23 – Laurie’s current body need: mobility! 1:07:11 – How to find more information about Laurie Items mentioned in this episode include: Paragon Training Instagram: Laurie’s Website: Paragon Training Website: Laurie’s YouTube: Paragon Training YouTube: Laurie’s Ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Nutrition, Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, & More Learn more about Laurie in the full show notes: --- Send in a voice message:
1 hr 9 min
Muscle For Life with Mike Matthews
Muscle For Life with Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews
The Best of Muscle for Life: How to Stay Lean, How Much Cardio You Should Do, The Self-Made Myth
I’ve recorded hundreds of episodes of Muscle for Life on a huge variety of things related to health, fitness, and lifestyle, ranging from the basics of diet and exercise like energy and macronutrient balance and progressive overload and training frequency and volume to fads like the ketogenic and carnivore diet and collagen protein to more unfamiliar territories like body weight set point and fasted cardio. Some episodes resonate with my crowd more than others, but all of them contain at least a few key takeaways that just about anyone can benefit from (that’s what I tell myself at least). And as cool as that is, it poses a problem for you, my dear listener: Ain’t nobody got time for that. Well okay, some people do make the time to listen to most or even all of my podcasts, but my wizbang analytics tell me that while many listeners tune in on a regular basis, they don’t catch every installment of Muscle for Life and thus miss out on insights that could help them get a little better inside and outside the gym. People have also been saying they’d like me to do more shorter, multi-topic episodes, like my Q&As. And so I got an idea: how about a “best of” series of podcasts that contains a few of the most practical and compelling ideas, tips, and moments from my most popular episodes? This way, people who are new to the show can quickly determine if it’s for them or not, and those who enjoy what I’m doing but don’t have the time or inclination to listen to all of my stuff can still benefit from the discussions and find new episodes to listen to. So, in this installment of The Best of Muscle for Life, you’ll be hearing hand-picked morsels from three episodes: _1. __Marc Perry on How to Stay Super Lean Year Round (Without Hating Your Life)_ (_Originally published July 18, 2018_) _2. __How Much Cardio You Should Do (and How Much Is Too Much) _(_Originally published April 3, 2019_) _3. __Motivation Monday: Beware the “Self-Made” Myth_ (_Originally published August 27, 2018_) And we’ll be starting with number one, Marc Perry on how to stay super lean year-round. 5:44 - Marc Perry on How to Stay Super Lean Year Round (Without Hating Your Life) 16:03 - How Much Cardio You Should Do (and How Much Is Too Much) 24:16 - Motivation Monday: Beware the “Self-Made” Myth --- Mentioned on The Show: Shop Legion Supplements Here: _ Want free workout and meal plans? Download my science-based diet and training templates for men and women:
33 min
Real Life Weight Loss
Real Life Weight Loss
Corey Little
Most People Have This Backwards [Change It and Change Your Life]
For 20 years I’ve been teaching people how to lose weight. I teach them all about nutrition … all about exercise … all about how to make it practical and doable. You name it and over the past 20 years I’ve probably helped someone do it. I’ve learned a TON over two decades, but one huge thing just sticks out. It stands way above all of the other things I’ve learned. So what is it?  What is the #1 thing I’ve learned and noticed? Most people have it backwards.   More specifically - most people have ONE key element of this whole weight loss thing totally backwards. In this episode, I’m going to pull back the curtain and tell you what they get backwards and then it’s your choice.  Forewarning - you probably won’t agree at first. And that’s okay. That’s the reaction I normally get. But eventually … people who stick with it long enough will discover the truth of what I share. Or they just constantly chase their tail and continue pursuing weight loss in different versions of the same miserable way. Ready to get it right and change your life? Let's do it!   COREY LITTLE COACHING INSTAGRAM: (   COREY LITTLE COACHING FACEBOOK: (   COREY LITTLE COACHING ONLINE: (   HOW TO POST PODCAST REVIEW:   FREE CATALYST AUDIO PROGRAM: (
24 min
The Darin Olien Show
The Darin Olien Show
Darin Olien
#43 Fatal Conveniences™: Shallow Breathing: Take a Deep Breath
Pay attention to the way you breathe. Take a deep breath in right now. Are your shoulders raising? If so, you’re probably shallow breathing. Welcome to Fatal Conveniences™ This is a bite-sized segment that parallels The Darin Olien Show. In these segments, we get into society's Fatal Conveniences™. I define these as the things we may be doing because the world we live in makes us believe we have to. These things save us time and trick us into thinking they're actually good for us. But it's those same things that are breaking down our health and the health of the environment around us. I've spent most of my adult life obsessively researching these "conveniences." On every show, I pick one topic, and we dive into it. My goal is to make you more aware of these traps so that you can push back on them. Remember, it starts with you and the choices you make. So, if you're willing to look at your world from a different perspective and make little tweaks that amount to big changes, then this segment is for you. Shallow breathing keeps us in a perpetual state of stress. When you’re stressed, your breathing quickens and you inhale shallowly. However, if you breathe this way normally, your body is constantly in a state of stress. Shallow breathing, or thoracic breathing, comes with a laundry list of negative side effects. And you may not even realize you’re doing it. Instead of thoracic breathing, we all should be diaphragmatically breathing. This long fancy word just means you should be using your diaphragm to draw air into your body. Watching a newborn is a perfect example of diaphragmatic breathing. They draw air through their nose into their lungs, and their belly expands. As they exhale, their belly contracts. Try doing that now. See the difference? So besides stressing us out, what other harm is shallow breathing causing? Well, it limits our functional movement and muscular balance for starters. It also messes with our immune system and metabolism and can even cause muscle and joint pain and stiffness. But don’t worry. In this segment, I break down how to tell the difference between shallow and diaphragmatic breathing. And I give you ways to practice how to quit shallow breathing for good. Other info in this segment: I reveal the reasons behind my obsession with fatal conveniences The definitions of thoracic and diaphragmatic breathing How to tell if you’re shallow breathing How many breaths you should be taking per minute PTSD and breathing How you can retrain your body to breathe using your diaphragm Links & Resources: The Effect of Diaphragmatic Breathing on Pain, Anxiety and Depression Breathing Pattern Disorders and Functional Movement The Effect of Diaphragmatic Breathing on Attention The Respiration Connection The Physiological Effects of Slow Breathing in the Healthy Human How Shallow Breathing Affects Your Whole Body The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown Listen to Patrick McKeown’s episode of The Darin Olien Show Netflix’ Down To Earth’ Official Trailer Download Darin’s amazing new lifestyle app and get 3 days free at Barukas Nuts 15% discount with code “DARIN” Want more great info on how to detoxify your life? Sign up for my Fatal Conveniences™ emails The Darin Olien Show is produced by the team at Must Amplify. If you’re looking to give a voice to your brand, and make sure that it’s heard by the right people, head to to see what Amplify can do for you.
18 min
Spartan Up! - A Spartan Race for the Mind!
Spartan Up! - A Spartan Race for the Mind!
The Origins of a Champion - Mountain Biker Tinker Juarez / LA RUTA
“I chased the pain,” says mountain biking legend Tinker Juarez (@dtinkerj), who has spent nearly 40 years atop the world of cycling. Spartan Up La Ruta series host Roy Wallack (@roywallack) - author of Bike for Life: How to Ride to 100 - talks with Tinker about his career, how Tinker has achieved longevity in the sport and advice on how to grow your own career. In this episode you’ll learn: * Firsthand, the early days of BMX and how mountain biking grew into a mainstream, extreme sport * Tinker’s transition from BMX to mountain biking * Tinker’s mindset of “chase the pain” and why it’s enabled him to have a sense of fulfillment in life * Why the transition to 24-hour races and how Tinker manages fear during a race Background: David "Tinker" Juarez is a 2x Olympian, former professional BMX racer and is one of the most decorated mountain bike racers of all time. Juarez got his start in BMX racing when he was just 16. For the next 10 years, built an impressive career in BMX, but then mountain biking pulled him in a different direction. Today, Juarez is still racing for Cannondale, his bike sponsor since 1994, and racing at the elite pro level most weekends of the season. More about Roy: SPONSOR This episode of Spartan Up! is brought to you by Optimize. Use the code word “spartan” to save 10% on a monthly or annual membership. SUBSCRIBE: Apple Podcasts: YouTube: Spotify: FOLLOW SPARTAN UP: Spartan Up on Instagram Spartan Up on Twitter CREDITS: Producer: Ryan Warner Host: Roy Wallack Sr Producer: Marion Abrams © 2020 Spartan
16 min
Leanne Ward Nutrition
Leanne Ward Nutrition
Leanne Ward
Eat to Win with performance chef, Hannah Grant
On today’s podcast, I am joined by special guest, performance chef, Hannah Grant. Hannah is the team chef on the pro cycling tour and, just recently, filmed the gripping Amazon Prime series Eat Race Win. On today’s podcast, Hannah and I start by discussing what made her want to become a chef and how she made the leap from chef to performance-based chef. We then talk about the concept “food is your fuel, your conditioning agent and your recovery” before moving onto how she creates delicious recipes for some of the world’s top athletes. She tells our listeners her top tips for creating delicious yet healthy meals at home and how to make veggies taste better. We chat about how she comes up with unique recipes for her athletes with different tastes, allergies and intolerances and requirements. Finally, we end the podcast with her connection to another special podcast guest, Dr Stacy Sims and how they work together to benefit their athletes. To follow Hannah on Instagram, head to @dailystews on Instagram or, to check out Hannah's cookbooks, head to her website and use the code “leanneward” for a discount. Please subscribe and leave me a review If you enjoyed this podcast, please tag me and share it in your Instagram stories and leave me a positive rating or review in the purple Apple Podcast app (in the rating & reviews section underneath the episode lists). This really helps my podcast get prioritised by Apple and helps me disseminate evidence based information to the people that need it the most! Don't forget to subscribe to my podcast so you never miss an episode!
1 hr 3 min
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