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Losing weight. Gaining muscle. Improving definition. Better health. 

Whether you exercise because you want to or you feel that you have to, you want to make sure that you are doing the best exercises for your specific needs and goals and THAT is why you should be listening to the All About Fitness podcast.

I've been a certified personal trainer for more than 20 years and for much of the past 12 years I've been traveling the world to teach fitness education workshops for some of the largest organizations in fitness including certification organizations and equipment companies.

For 2 years I was the director of education for a national health club company. For 5 years I worked directly for the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the largest non-profit fitness certification organization in the US, to develop education content, since leaving the organization as a full-time employee in 2013 I have produced content and helped with exam development as a contractor. In the early 2000s I taught the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the largest for-profit fitness certification organization, for a health club company and since 2014 I have taught their online education program for individuals preparing to take the certification exam. I am one of a few people who has written textbook chapters and content for the 2 largest certification organizations. In addition, my book, Smarter Workouts: the Science of Exercise Made Simple, was published by Human Kinetics in 2019 and can teach you how to design workout programs for your specific needs.


In addition to contract work for ACE and NASM, currently I develop and teach education programs for Nautilus and StairMaster; this means that I write and develop education for some of the most well-known names in the fitness industry, the point is that if these organizations trust me to develop their content then you can trust that anything you hear on the All About Fitness podcast will be research-based and backed by actual science. 


While I may not have hundreds of thousands of social media followers or have shirtless pictures in a top fitness magazine, the chances are that if you work with a personal trainer or fitness instructor then they have probably been influenced by my work either through an education program I've developed or content I've written for one of the above organizations. 


On the All About Fitness podcast not only will you learn about the best types of exercises for your fitness goals, you will also learn how to use exercise to slow down and manage the aging process. There is an overwhelming accumulating body of evidence to suggest that exercise can help slow down the effects of time and by listening to the All About Fitness podcast you will learn how you can take advantage of that for your personal workouts.


To get a free chapter from Smarter Workouts along with 1 of the 21 workout programs available in the book, go to and sign up for the mailing list.


For guest suggestions or feedback, contact: 

Spartan Up! - A Spartan Race for the Mind!
Spartan Up! - A Spartan Race for the Mind!
What Would Mark Cuban Do if He Were President? Joe De Sena Asks
How can we solve some of our trickiest problems? Joe asked Mark Cuban how he would handle 8 of the biggest problems our country faces if he were president... 9 if you count getting more of you off the couch and out on the course. Wonder what it's really like to be a billionaire? That's where the interview starts. Next Joe De Sena, the founder of Spartan, asked Mark whether he'd consider running for president of the United States. If Mark Cuban were president: How would Mark Cuban handle COVID and get us back to racing and Mavericks games? How would he handle the gaping political divide between Red & Blue, Left & Right in the US? How would he solve the current health crisis and get people away from crap food and sugar? What would Mark Cuban do about childhood obesity? What does he think about some kind of mandatory service or right of passage in America? What would he do to create Green Energy? Does Mark Cuban support term limits? How would he improve our education system in the US? Presidential aspirations aside, Joe also asked Mark how HE would market Spartan Races and help with the mission to get 100 million people off the couch and what he thought about investing in Tesla stock. This episode is brought to you by Athletic Brewing. Visit for free shipping on two six-packs or more LINKS: Mark Cuban Companies Shower Toga Alyssa’s Cookies FOLLOW SPARTAN UP: Spartan Up on Instagram Spartan Up on Twitter CREDITS: Producer – Marion Abrams, Madmotion, llc. Host: Joe De Sena Sefra Alexandra, Johnny Waite & Colonel Nye will be back soon, we miss them! © 2021 Spartan
50 min
The Optimal Body
The Optimal Body
Jen Esquer & Dom Fraboni
69 | Understanding Meditation and How to Actually Do It with Justin Michael Williams
Feel like you can’t meditate? In a fast-paced, ever-going, and dynamic world, we’re taught to submerge ourselves in a culture that distances ourselves from our emotions, promotes instant gratification, and always looks to achieving more. Listen in as Justin speaks to staying “woke” by establishing a deeper connection with our inner-selves to unveil who we are and our true purposes. Through a combined scientific and spiritual approach, Justin uncovers his method to a simple meditation practice that allows us to forgive ourselves, inspire courage, and help us re-discover our paths to life as we re-ground and unlock our potentials to live a fully alive life.  What You Will Learn in this interview with Justin Michael Williams: 2:15 –  Justin’s Story to Meditation 7:53 – What it means to “Stay Woke” 11:50 – How Justin teaches what meditation is 16:30 – Justin approach to a simple meditation practice 17:19 –  What it means to “fully be alive” 24:42 - How to build your window of tolerance? 27:22 - Why you may not be able to stick to guided meditations? 29:20 - Misconceptions about meditation: Mindfulness vs Meditation Items mentioned in this episode include: Justin's Website: _www.justinmichaelwilliams.com_ Justin’s Music: _ Justin’s Book: _ Justin’s Programs: _ Stay Woke Workshop Scholarships: _ Justin’s Free Content: _ To learn more about Justin and view full show notes, please visit the full website here: --- Send in a voice message:
40 min
Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth
Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth
Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer, Justin Andrews, Doug Egge
1471: The Truth About German Volume Training, the Dangers of Sweating for the Wedding, What to Do If One Side of Your Body Is Tighter Than the Other & More
In this episode of Quah (Q & A), Sal, Adam & Justin answer four Pump Head questions about German Volume Training methods, “sweating for the wedding,” whether it is normal to want to sleep 30-60 minutes after a workout, and if it is common for one side’s leg muscles and hip flexor to be tighter than the other. * Sal’s COVID scare. (6:54) * The fascinating science behind the COVID-19 vaccine. (10:21) * The strange ways humans try to treat themselves. (14:01) * The bodybuilder with the greatest genetics of all-time. (19:33) * How the various fighting organizations are faring during the pandemic. (21:53) * Conor McGregor’s ‘fantasy land’ inside a watch. (23:37) * Oli Pop is blowing up! (28:32) * Mind Pump’s predictions on the future of the economy. (30:11) * Can the Government please take notes on the Barstool Fund?! (32:17) * Did the Simpsons write EVERY scenario for what has happened? (35:48) * The difficulties of not overtraining when you are on an energy high. (37:58) * Adam shares an update on his hormone replacement therapy test numbers. (40:37) * Public Goods, the future of direct-to-consumer shopping. (43:14) * #Quah question #1 – Thoughts on German Volume Training methods? (47:50) * #Quah question #2 – What's your take on the catchphrase, “sweating for the wedding,” as seen on social media? What is the alternative strategy, or mindset, for people who are preparing for a big event? (53:01) * #Quah question #3 - Is it normal to want to sleep for 30-60 minutes after a workout? (59:08) * #Quah question #4 - Is it common for one side’s leg muscles and hip flexor to be tighter than the other? (1:03:06) Related Links/Products Mentioned * January Promotion: MAPS Fitness Starter Bundle 50% off! * COVID-19: Melatonin as a potential adjuvant treatment * SO A GUY INJECTED HIMSELF WITH PSYCHEDELIC MUSHROOMS, AND THEY STARTED TO EAT HIM ALIVE * Victor Richards - Greatest Physiques * Buchecha To Make MMA Debut Against Senegalese Wrestling Champion at One Championship * WEIGHING IN #112 with CONOR MCGREGOR | POIRIER FIGHT | LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE | DIAZ TRILOGY * Conor McGregor Gets Roasted After Showing Off $1 Million Diamond Watch * Visit Oli Pop for an exclusive offer for Mind Pump listeners! **Code “mindpump” at checkout for 15% off your first order** * Why 20 DTC CEOs say their recent skyrocketing growth will continue in post-pandemic world * Covid relief, economic stimulus, immigration: What to expect in Biden's first 100 days * The Barstool Fund | Barstool Sports * COVID Lockdowns May Have No Clear Benefit vs Other Voluntary Measures, International Study Shows * CIA declassifies hundreds of UFO documents – here’s where to find them * Visit Public Goods for an exclusive offer for Mind Pump listeners! **Receive $15 off your first Public Goods order with NO MINIMUM purchase** * MAPS Powerlift | Muscular Adaptation Programming System * Mind Pump Podcast – YouTube * Mind Pump Free Resources People Mentioned * Josh Thomson (@therealpunk) Instagram * Conor McGregor (@thenotoriousmma) Instagram
1 hr 7 min
The Strength Running Podcast
The Strength Running Podcast
Jason Fitzgerald
174. Sprint and Speed Development for Endurance Runners with Coach Ryan Banta
Ryan Banta is a coach with more than 19 years of experience and the author of the Sprinter’s Compendium. At the high school level, Ryan has produced 135 All-State medalists, including 10 state champions and 15 runners-up. His teams have won 12 district championships and 5 top five state finishes in the last nine seasons. He has been elected Missouri Track and Cross Country Coaches Association (MTCCCA) president and served on the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) advisory board. In this podcast, we discuss: * Prevention of sprinting-related injuries * Common training errors in pursuit of speed * Mechanics of maximum velocity running * The speed development differences between teenagers and adults In the spirit of this year's Take Action theme, we leave off with a number of actionable steps that any runner can take to improve their speed. Show Links & Resources: * Connect with Ryan on Twitter * Check out his videos on YouTube * Books mentioned by Ryan * Supertraining by Yuri Verkhoshansky * Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett Thank You PWURE! Our newest sponsor is PWURE; learn more about them at They’re offering 20% off your first month with code "nextlevel" at checkout. Using either your Strava data or an online consultation, they create pre-run and post-run personalized shakes using organic ingredients. They’re the first company to use your fitness data to craft on-demand nutrition - I think the potential of this is awesome and it reminds me of the testing and effort that goes into elite marathoners and their fueling. PWURE has been testing their products with pro runners and the promise here is that they can deliver optimized, better ratios of carbohydrate to protein so you can perform better and recover faster. You get a post-workout dose recommendation so everything they make and recommend is unique to you. All of their formulas can be made vegan, there are four flavors to choose from, and you can even add vitamins. 82% of users saw performance and recovery improvement after one month and 86% would recommend it to a friend. See all PWURE have to offer and don’t forget that code nextlevel will save you 20% on your first month.
57 min
Redefining Strength Fitness Hacks
Redefining Strength Fitness Hacks
Redefining Strength | Cori Lefkowith
FHP302 - Is Rest Overrated?
Movement is medicine. Now I’m not saying that if you have an injury to just keep pushing through, but too often we simply do NOTHING. Then after some time off, we jump right back into what we were doing and wonder why we end up injured again. Why nothing changed. And it’s because we never addressed what lead to the injury in the first place. We never addressed postural distortions, compensations and imbalances that lead to overload. We never addressed the mobility restrictions and muscle weakness. If we want to move and feel better? We need to train our bodies to know how to move well. And that means returning to basics and focusing on that prehab work. If we want to see a change? We have to make a change. And simply resting changes nothing. So if you’re injured what can you do to help prevent future issues and even get to still train? * Address the rehab work you need. Seeing someone is good if this isn’t just a minor ache or pain. But even with those, you need to include the proper prehab work. Like if your wrists hurt with push ups. Do the mobility work needed so you don’t just have to deal with that annoying pain any time you have floor work. You need to foam roll to relax overactive muscles, stretch to lengthen shortened muscles and mobilize your joints and then activate those underactive muscles so that weaker muscles not meant to handle the load don’t have to. We do this work to establish proper recruitment patterns to help make them automatic during compound, faster paced movements.  * And as you address the underlying causes? Modify around the pain. While we don’t want to avoid moves forever if possible, we do often need to work around as we correct the problem. * And then we need to REBUILD. We need to retrain those movements with tweaks to help us load the correct muscles. It may be using different cues, or slightly different variations. Or even just adjustments to form. Slow things down and focus first on what you feel working over just mimicking proper form. We want to learn how to control as many movement patterns as possible so we then don’t get injured twisting or turning in everyday life! Need help with that prehab work? Check out my RStoration! -->
6 min
Muscle for Life with Mike Matthews
Muscle for Life with Mike Matthews
Mike Matthews
Christian Finn on Making Sense of Conflicting Fitness Advice
Whether you’re totally new to the gym or have plenty of experience, you’ve likely struggled with trying to make sense of conflicting diet, training, and supplementation advice. No matter where you go online, for instance, you’re sure to find seemingly-credible people with completely different and often contradictory viewpoints and suggestions. Instagram influencer XYZ says the key to losing fat is a keto diet, with a strict 6-hour eating window on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. But Fitness Blog #532 of Guru Zed claims that studies show you can get ripped eating all of the carbs you’d like on any schedule you’d like. The key, he claims, is you just have to stop eating harmful, gut-destroying lectins found in nutritious foods like tomatoes, potatoes, beans, and peanuts. In fact, if you look hard enough in this space, you can find someone with bonafides making a seemingly plausible argument for doing just about anything you can imagine to boost fat loss and muscle growth. How do you separate the sheep from the goats? How do you know who to trust? That’s exactly what I’m discussing with this episode's podcast guest, Christian Finn. In case you’re not familiar with Christian, he’s a researcher and writer who holds a masters degree in exercise science and is the creator of Muscle Evo and Gutless, a science-backed nutrition system for getting rid of fat. His work has been featured in Men’s Health, Vice, BBC TV, as well as Jonathan Goodman’s PTDC. In this episode, we chat about . . . * The cyclical nature of fads and fitness info * Why expectations matter and the necessity of accepting diminishing returns * How to separate the charlatans from the experts * “Shiny object syndrome” * When to change your mind and why your views should evolve over time * When and why to switch training programs * And more . . . So if you’ve ever wondered why there’s so much conflicting advice out there, and how you can be sure you’re not getting hoodwinked, listen to this episode. 6:43 - How did you use your time during COVID differently? 15:23 - Where should people start to get more progress? 22:31 - How does a person separate the wheat from the chaff? 34:38 - How do you deal with that process of changing your mind? 39:54 - What are some of the barriers people experience from conflicting ideas on fitness advice? When should someone consider switching training programs? --- Mentioned on The Show: Christian Finn’s Website & Books: _ Legion VIP One-on-One Coaching: --- Want free workout and meal plans? Download my science-based diet and training templates for men and women:
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