Vagabonding: Two Santas for Life Day
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Nick and Heaton visit Kashyyyk to work as mall santas for Life Day on the Wooki homeworld.

"Silent Night" care of "How it Should have Ended" on YouTube:

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Mitch Levy
Episode 131 – Radio Reunion With Stretch & Mather Puts Foot in Mouth
RUNDOWN The guys are back together in person after the Soden's trip to Arizona of which he is confirmed virus negative since his return. Then, they chat about Kim & Kanye's multi-billion dollar divorce, abrasive commentary from Mariners ownership, and more details about Russell Wilson's frustration with the Hawks. Today’s featured guest is Mitch's long-lost friend Matt “Stretch” Johnson who shares some classic tales from their days on the radio show. Stretch also talks about his transition after five years behind the mic with Seattle Sounders FC and a bout with coronavirus. Later, Scott returns for the "Other Stuff" segment including headlines ranging from a drunken Johnny Damon to the Mars Rover landing to Richard Sherman's uncertain future in the NFL. Finally, Mitch wraps up the podcast with a touching account of a listener's email exchanges with him that have included details about his wife's cancer diagnosis who passed away with grace and strength. GUEST * Matt “Stretch” Johnson | Former Sounders play-by-play broadcaster & morning show producer with Mitch. TABLE OF CONTENTS 0:00 | Hotshot is back in studio and COVID-free (we think...) after a weeklong hiatus in Arizona. 7:07 | Former guest of the podcast Michael Schwimer is making headlines after his recent windfall associated with Fernando Tatis Jr.'s mega-deal. 24:46 | Piper Soden is the owner of a brand new iPhone 11 which Scott will be paying off for the next thirty years. 27:16 | Kim & Kanye hit the seven-year itch and are calling it quits with $3.5 billion to split. 37:07 | Kevin Mather is in the hot seat after some comments that displeased many of the few remaining Mariners fans in town. 44:11 | It is becoming clear that Pete Carroll and his antiquated offensive philosophy is the source of Russell Wilson's ire. 54:05 | The quarterback carousel continues to spin as Carson Wentz has fallen off to Indy while Watson is still aboard in Houston. 59:54 | GUEST: Matt "Stretch" Johnson makes his debut to the podcast after wrapping up his play-by-play duties with the Sounders to share some laughs with Mitch about memories from a thirty-year-long friendship. 2:11:00 | Former big leaguer Johnny Damon (a Florida man) and his wife got busted for DUI. 2:12:48 | More details have surfaced about Vincent Jackson's death from the hotel and his family has decided to donate his brain to CTE research. 2:14:24 | An Orlando police officer issued a ticket for a faulty brake light...turned out to be a gift card to an auto parts store. 2:18:28 | The Mars Rover has completed its 293 million mile journey and provided its first photos of the red planet. 2:19:19 | Would you take Richard Sherman back on the Hawks if the opportunity presented itself? 2:22:02 | Mitch ends the show with a tribute to Lindsay Larsen whose husband and podcast listener Chris mourns the loss of his wife to colon cancer with tremendous grace. The post Episode 131 – Radio Reunion With Stretch & Mather Puts Foot in Mouth appeared first on Mitch Unfiltered.
Talk Heathen
Talk Heathen
Atheist Community of Austin
Talk Heathen 05.09 02-28-2021 with Vi La Bianca and Johnny P Angel
Greetings Heathens! In today’s episode of Talk Heathen, Vi La Bianca is joined by Johnny P. Angel. Welcome to the co-host seat Johnny, it’s great to see you again! Let’s get to calls! Gohan from Texas would like to talk about the rational justification for Theism and the rationality of Theism. Yes, Gohan was discouraged from calling in before, and this is an interesting topic. Does he change his tactics? You be the judge! Tom in Arizona is up next, he asks if we oppose religion and would we like to see them all abolished. Johnny explains his position and Vi continues the conversation asking Tom about ‘hope’ and ‘faith.’ Hiram in New York is calling about something Matt said about late term abortions on a different show, except Matt isn’t on the show today and this was awhile ago? Sigh, moving on... Kevin in New York (yes, THE Kevin in New York) wants to talk about his claim that the subconscious/unconscious mind (as well as the dreaming mind) is also tapping into the mind of God. Oh boy, Kevin that is such a deepity. So much woo. Steve in California wants to talk about aliens. (Does he know this is Talk Heathen and not Truth Wanted?) How do we think aliens exist and what do they look like? Johnny tries to tie this into the show, is believing they exist a tenet of faith? Priscilla in Washington is calling in asking about how religions tend to shame women for their menstrual cycle bar women from leadership roles. She is seeking validation in wanting to see women in leadership positions. Up next, Douglas in Canada is calling about how women in church leadership and in society can be just as aggressive as men. It’s all EnErGy folks and Vi is more emotional than Johnny and not logical or forceful because they were born female! You’re WRONG Douglas, goodbye and don’t call back. Tristan in Texas would like to talk about objective morality and how it exists. He believes he’s gotten close to a premise and would like to work it out with Vi and Johnny. Michael in Germany would like to discuss his approach with theistic arguments from his friend. His friend is now saying “Religion makes me feel good, so that’s what I’m going to believe in.” It does sound like they are on the verge of change, but it’s advisable to not try to push them. That’s our show for this week, please continue to be safe in your area, wear your mask. The world is better with you in it. See you next week!
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