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Amateur Sleuth as Everyday Hero with Alexandra Amor
May 11, 2020 · 46 min
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Please help me celebrate the release of my new mystery novel, Lark Underground! If you've read Lark Lost, the free prequel novella in the Freddie Lark mystery series, then you know that Freddie doesn't think of herself as an amateur sleuth. In the new full-length novel, Lark Underground, that becomes even clearer. In this podcast episode author Alexandra Amor reads from the first three chapters of Lark Underground as Freddie's friend and tenant Ellie tries to persuade Freddie to help with the case of a friend's missing child. Freddie is empathetic, but also knows she's not equipped to take on such a task. Or is she? Lark Underground is a brand new release available now in ebook and paperback from award-winning author Alexandra Amor. Click here to get your copy. Alexandra Amor writes mystery novels about love, friendship and the search for truth. At the moment, she is working on the next book in her Freddie Lark mystery series. Alexandra began her writing career with an Amazon best-selling, award-winning memoir about ten years she spent in a cult in the 1990s. She has written four animal adventures for middle-grade readers, set on a fictional island in the Salish Sea, several historical mysteries set in 1890 in frontier British Columbia, and a cozy romantic mystery. To learn more about Alexandra and her books visit Press play (above) to listen to the show, or read the transcript below. Remember you can also subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts. And listen on Stitcher, Android, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, and Spotify. You can also click here to listen to the interview on YouTube. Excerpt from Lark Underground Chapter One “Why are you doing this yourself?” she asked. “Because I am a strong, independent woman,” I said. “And you’re cheap.” “I am not cheap. I am resourceful. Besides, throwing money at a problem doesn’t always get it solved properly. Hand me the channel lock.” “What’s a channel lock?” I was kneeling on my tenant Ellie’s bathroom floor and had my head and shoulders under the sink, which had been draining slowly and was now clogged. Ellie lives in the laneway house at the bottom of my backyard. She is a strong, independent woman herself, but balks at doing home repairs. She says they chip her nail polish. “It’s the one that looks like a wrench, but with long handles.” I pointed toward my toolbox. “Looks like a what?” I was fairly certain she was playing dumb for her own amusement. I gave her a saucy look and leaned over and grabbed the tool. The nuts at either end of the p-trap weren’t coming unscrewed, and I needed more leverage. I put the mouth of the channel lock over one nut and gave it a push. “Where was I, honey? Oh, yes—Tyler’s meltdown.” Ellie was sitting on the edge of the tub, her legs crossed at the knee and one manicured hand draped over said knee. She was wearing a long blue dress with white polka dots that was fitted through the bodice and then flared down to her calves. Her feet were bare and her toenails were painted gold. She never failed to look like she was about to attend a cocktail party at a diplomat’s mansion. She was ‘entertaining’ me (her word, not mine) by recapping the plot of some ridiculous reality show. It sounded to me like all the participants were morally bankrupt narcissists, but maybe I was feeling cranky because the painting I’d been working on before Ellie knocked on my back door was not turning out the way I’d hoped. “So then Tyler says that he only slept with Jessica because Amber had ignored him at the backup dancer group date…” I let Ellie’s words wash over me. The nut loosened and I was able to unscrew it all the way with my hand. “And then Nathan got involved and he was all pissed off because…” I loosened the nut at the other end of the p-trap and waited while some water spilled out into the plastic container I’d placed on the floor of the cupboard.
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