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A Soccer Playing Mom Who Solves Mysteries with Judith Arnold
Oct 16, 2017 · 29 min
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Romance author Judith Arnold has given writing mysteries a try and she likes it so much that happily for readers like us she's going to keep doing it. I was going to use a line about kicking balls in the title of this episode but thought better of it. ;-) Judith's amateur sleuth, Lainey Lovett, is a middle-aged teacher, a widow, a mom, and a ball-kicking soccer player. Literally. She uses her soccer skills to remain a member of her beloved Rockettes team, and also to take down the bad guys in these cozy mysteries. In the intro, I mention that It's A Mystery Podcast will be on hiatus for a few weeks while I pick up my microphone and move across Canada, back to my home province of BC. I plan to be back with the show in early November. Until then please enjoy this interview with the lovely Judith Arnold. And happy reading! You can find out more about today's guest, Judith Arnold, and all her books on her website You can also find her on Twitter @Judith_Arnold. Click on any of the book covers to go to Judith's books on Amazon Press play (above) to listen to the show, or read the transcript below. Remember you can also subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts. And listen on Stitcher. You can also click here to watch the interview on YouTube. Transcription of Interview with Judith Arnold Alexandra: Hi, mystery readers, I'm Alexandra Amore. This is It's a Mystery podcast, and I'm here today with Judith Arnold. Hi, Judith. Judith: Hi. Hi, Alexandra. Alexandra: How are you doing today? Judith: I'm doing great. How are you? Alexandra: I'm doing well also. So, let me just introduce our listeners to you. USA Today bestselling author Judith Arnold, knew she wanted to be a writer by the time she was four. She loved making up stories, not exactly the same things as lying, and enjoying the adventures of her fictional characters. With more than 85 published novels to her name, she's been able to live her dream. Most of Judith's books are in Romance genre but, today, we're here to talk about her Lainie Lovett Mysteries. Let's begin with talking about Lainie. She is a close to 50 mom, she's a widow as well. And the thing that intrigued me about these books was that, she just seemed like sort of an independent and different character. Like, being middle aged, that really intrigued me because we often think of armature sleuths, especially in cozy mysteries, as being quite young like 20s and 30s. Or, you know, the Jessica Fletchers, Miss Marple kind of era. Tell us a bit about Lainie and how she came into your life? Judith: Well, Lainie actually is based on the fourth grade teacher my younger son had, who was a phenomenal teacher. She was widowed actually a few years after he had her, but she had two kids and was a soccer fanatic. He's a long way past his fourth grade experience but I just thought she was a terrific lady. And she was always kind of burbling in the back of my head. And when I decided it was time to write mysteries, I said, you know, they always say, write what you know. I mean the town of Rockford where she teaches is based on a town I live in. If you knew my town, you'd recognize that El Camino is actually Acapulco's, and the Old Rockford Inn is actually the Old Wayside Inn. It's not image for image identical, but write what you know. It just made it a lot easier for me to create the world, the world of Lainie Lovett. And obviously, she's not exactly the same as my son's teacher either, but I just loved that woman's energy and her embrace of her profession, and her sharp, sharp mind. And I figured, you know, why does a cozy mystery sleuth have to have be an old lady with a cardigan and a catch. There are other things, too. So, she just said, "Write, write, put me in your book." So, I said, "Okay." Alexandra: And does she know, are you still in touch with that teacher? Judith: No,
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