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Co-writing Police Procedurals with Frank Zafiro and Lawrence Kelter
Sep 18, 2017 · 29 min
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Writing a book is hard enough. Writing one with someone you've never met? I would have said that was impossible, until I met Lawrence Kelter and Frank Zafiro. Two very experienced and prolific writers have come together to write a gritty, New York City police procedural that one fan says, "...has it all: a solid mystery, action, suspense, humor, sex appeal, gripping drama." You'll hear me ask Frank and Larry how they managed to make this collaboration work, because collaborative creative projects are something that fascinate me. They mention that one key to their success for The Last Collar was worshiping at the alter of the creative project rather than bringing a lot of ego to the project. In other words, they always did what was right for the project itself. I think you'll enjoy hearing from these two lovely gentlemen about the book they've brought to life together. Luckily for their readers, they enjoyed working together so much that they're doing it again! Stay tuned for the next Kelter / Zafiro collaboration in 2019. Today we talk almost entirely about Larry and Frank's co-written book, but both authors have other mysteries available. Below are the links to their websites where you'll find more information about those books. You can find out more about today's guests, Frank Zafiro and Lawrence Kelter, and all their books on their websites for Frank, and for Lawrence. On Twitter, Frank is @Frank_Zafiro and Larry is @LarryKelter Press play (above) to listen to the show, or read the transcript below. Remember you can also subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts. And listen on Stitcher. You can also click here to watch the interview on YouTube. Transcription of Interview with Frank Zafiro and Lawrence Kelter Alexandra: Hi, mystery readers. I'm Alexandra Amor. This is "It's a Mystery" podcast. I'm here today with Frank Zafiro and Lawrence Kelter. Hi, guys. Larry: Hi. How are you doing? Frank: How is it going? Alexandra: Very well. How are you two today? Frank: Pretty good. Alexandra: Good. This is my first dual interview. So, I'm looking forward to it very much. Let me introduce you guys to our audience. Frank Zafiro is the author of over twenty novels including, the "River City" series of procedurals and "Stefan Kopriva" mysteries. He spent 20 years in law enforcement, an experience that brings grit and veracity to his crime fiction. In addition to his solo work and his collaboration with Larry Kelter, he has written novels with writers such as Eric Beetner, Colin Conway, Bonnie Paulson, and Jim Wiksky. His "Ania" trilogy with Jim Wilsky will be reissued by Down and Out Books very soon and will include a fourth novel, a prequel entitled "Harbinger." Frank lives in central Oregon with his wife, Kristy. In addition to writing, he's a hockey fan and a tortured guitarist. Oh, my. Lawrence Kelter never expected to be a writer. Well, times change and he now has authored several novels including the internationally bestselling "Stephanie Chalice" thriller series and "Back to Brooklyn," the authorized literary sequel to the iconic film comedy, "My Cousin Vinny," which is very cool. Early in his writing career, he received support from none other than literary icon, Nelson DeMille, who reviewed his work and actually put pencil to paper to assist with the editing of his first book. Larry tries hard to make each novel quick-paced and crammed full of twists, turns, and laughs. Frank and Larry's co-written book, The Last Collar, is a gritty police procedural with a twist set in New York. Oh, and there it is. Awesome. Thank you, Frank. And that's why we're here today. We're going to talk about "The Last Collar." Let's go right back to the beginning though before we do talk about the book. Maybe, Frank, you could tell us how you guys met. Frank: Actually, I think Larry would be better to share that since he initiated that.
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