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Louisiana Legal Thrillers with Global Themes with Michael H. Rubin
Aug 21, 2017 · 18 min
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Not every author can combine history, mystery and legal issues in one book. Michael H. Rubin, and his co-author Ayan Rubin, accomplish just that with their Bayou Thrillers set in the historical melting pot of South Louisiana. Michael and I discuss how he and his wife manage to share the task of writing compelling, page-turning legal thrillers, which seems to include no small number of very early morning walks. You can find out more about today's guest, Michael H. Rubin, and all his books on his website You can also find him on Twitter @MichaelHRubin. Links and resources mentioned in this episode Click on any of the book covers to go to Michael's books on Amazon James Lee Burke's Louisiana-based Dave Robicheaux novels Excerpts and synopses of Michael's books, including the not-yet-released, Sanction. Press play (above) to listen to the show, or read the transcript below. Remember you can also subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts. And listen on Stitcher. You can also click here to watch the interview on YouTube. Transcription of Interview with Micheal H. Rubin Alexandra: Hi, mystery readers. This is It's a Mystery Podcast. I'm your host Alexandra Amor and I'm here today with Michael H. Rubin. Hi, Michael. Michael: Hi. How are you doing? Alexandra: Very well, thank you. How are you? Michael: Excellent. Alexandra: Good. Good. Well, let me give our listeners a little bit of an introduction to you. Michael H. Rubin is a former professional Jazz pianist, and I have to say, you're the first Jazz pianist I've had on the show, who has performed in several states as well as in clubs in the New Orleans French quarter. He's also a former radio and television announcer, a nationally known speaker and a humorist who has given over 400 presentations throughout the country. He's also a full-time practising attorney as if he didn't have enough on his plate who helps manage a law firm with offices from the West coast to the Gulf coast to the East coast. His debut novel, The Cottoncrest Curse, won the INDIEFAB Book of The Year Gold award as the best thriller and suspense novel published by a university or independent press. Cashed Out is his latest novel and it will be available August 18th, 2017 and we're gonna talk about both your novels today. Michael, why don't we start by talking about this collaboration with your wife? On your website, you mentioned that the books have your name on them but the work is actually a collaboration, so tell us a bit about that. Michael: Absolutely. Well, we walk early in the morning. When I say early, I mean early, 4;30 a.m. And we talk through the plots and the characters and we write our books together. Now the question is always, if we write them together, how come her name is not on? When our first novel came out, our agent in New York said, "Well, look, you could publish a novel with two names but nobody understands fiction by a committee unless you're James Patterson," for the first book. And you could have a fictitious name but then you'd have to create a back ground. And since both novels are legal thrillers, well, I decided we would use my name because I'm the lawyer and she is a television producer, but it's community property. There's no problem. It's a joint effort. Alexandra: Right, and so how does it work? Let's start at the beginning I guess. Who had the idea first to write "The Cottoncrest Curse?" Michael: We worked on it together. We had actually been walking early in the morning and to keep ourselves awake, we think up characters and people and backgrounds and we start taking notes. And after we had enough notes we said, "We could make a novel out of this." So we need to start with the idea of a novel which started with the idea of the characters. Alexandra: Oh, interesting. Okay, and so it's set two decades I think after the American civil war,
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