After Sectionals
After Sectionals
Oct 25, 2020
AS 508 : Work/Life Boundaries

In this episode we re-readdress the need for an off switch within not only the band profession but within education as a whole. Teaching in the COVID era has magnified the problems of public education as well a brought a new onslaught of issues to navigate.


Darcy, Jenna, and TJ discuss their concerns for teachers in general, not just band directors.

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Queerology: A Podcast on Belief and Being
Queerology: A Podcast on Belief and Being
Matthias Roberts
Chavonn Williams Shen Writes to Heal
Chavonn Williams Shen is a poet, artist, educator, and activist from Minneapolis. ​ Winner of the Still I Rise grant, first runner-up for the Los Angeles Review Flash Fiction Contest, and Best of the Net Award finalist, Chavonn is also a Pushcart Prize nominee, winner of the Mentor Series in Poetry and Creative Prose through the Loft Literary Center, and fellow through the Givens Foundation for African American Literature. As a Tin House and VONA workshop alum, Chavonn’s poetry and prose have appeared in Yemassee, the Los Angeles Review, Permafrost Magazine, and Cosmonauts Avenue. Chavonn uses art as a practice of resilience and resistance. By using and teaching poetry, writing becomes an act of healing. When not teaching with the Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop, Chavonn’s time is spent obsessing over house plants. Topics Discussed: * Faith Forms Identity: One foot in the north, one in the deep south as a storyteller * Ancient Text: Remix, adapt, and make stories more malleable * Career Path: Cognitive science and psychology versus English and writing * Fellowships: Apply for what you want - to be on stage, reading, and writing * Poetry and Therapy: Way to help people protest and heal from trauma * People’s Hands: Words and colors capture who they are and what they do * Reclaim Language: Carve out composition space without marginalized writers * Writing Exercises: Name everything and everyone around you that is true * Book of Prayer Poems: Writing poetry is spiritual practice for well-being * What does rest look like? Meditation and resistance Links and Resources: Chavonn Williams Shen Chavonn Williams Shen on Facebook Chavonn Williams Shenn on Twitter Minnesota Prison Writing Workshop (MPWW) The Nap Ministry - Rest as Resistance Q Christian Fellowship Virtual Conference (Code: Queerology2021 for $10 off) Queerology Podcast on Instagram Queerology Podcast on Twitter Beyond Shame by Matthias Roberts Matthias Roberts on Patreon
44 min
Labeled: "The Stories, Rumors, & Legends of Tooth & Nail Records"
Labeled: "The Stories, Rumors, & Legends of Tooth & Nail Records"
Tooth and Nail
Acceptance: Major Label Guinea Pigs
Acceptance is a Tooth & Nail artist a couple of decades in the making. They just made and released their first album on Tooth & Nail called Wild, Free this year. But it was right here in the Seattle Tacoma area where Acceptance was founded in 2003, right at the time that Tooth & Nail was transitioning to the new sound with the explosion of the 2nd generation. Acceptance, who were first generation Tooth & Nail kids, teamed up with Aaron Sprinkle, and instead of taking the indie path, they were one of the first bands to be scooped up by a major label right off the bat and in a lot of ways were the major’s guinea pigs. they created a landmark album called Phantoms that became a legend of the scene, but the band never truly found a groove before disbanding in 2006. Their music, however, would continue to rise in popularity thereafter, and is still known as a flagship Seattle band. Acceptance "Wild, Free" Support Labeled on Patreon Join Labeled on Facebook SONGS YOU HEARD ON THIS EPISODE: Acceptance “Take Cover” Craig’s Brother “Insult to Injury” Acceptance “Permanent” Acceptance “So Contagious” Acceptance “Cold Air” Acceptance “Wildfires” MORE FROM TOOTH & NAIL: * Labeled: Music From The Podcast: * DISCOVER IT: New Tracks from T&N Records: * This Is Solid State: New Tracks from Solid State Records: * Tooth & Nail Store (LABELED Patreon members get 20% off everything):
2 hr 5 min
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