Ep. 17: How Far Down Should You Niche? Here’s How to Find Out…
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How far down should you niche? This is a question I hear a LOT, especially from women who are just getting their business off the ground. I’m sure you’ve heard that “niching” is key to your success as a business owner… But if you’re like me (and most people), getting hung up on your niche can actually have the opposite effect, where you get stuck in “analysis paralysis.” You end up overthinking this part of your business and wasting time or worse, not taking on paying clients until you have “clarity”... which (like in an episode of The Bachelor) doesn’t seem to ever come. 

Here are some common mindset blocks around niching….

  • Wanting to serve everyone: “Any person could benefit from my product or service. I don’t want to exclude anyone, so I will just work with EVERYONE. "
  • Feeling like you need to choose between two important parts of yourself/your biz: “I love relationship coaching but maybe I need to do purpose coaching, I love both - do I really need to choose?”
  • Fear of making the wrong decision so making NO decision: I want to work with women but I honestly have a few male clients I like working with so I don’t want to say I only work with women, so what do I do, gah!

If any of these feel like you, I’ve got you covered!

Today on the podcast + blog I am sharing 4 simple strategies to niche down in a way that feels easy and aligned so that you can start magnetizing paying clients right away! 

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