Ep 32: How to Handle Income Taxes Gracefully
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So excited to welcome Erin Jackman Bookkeeping, Profit Advisor and Conscious Wealth Coach to the podcast today! 

Most creative, soul-centered entrepreneurs' eyes glaze over when I talk about things like taxes, audits, receipt tracking, etc... because it's not really considered the "sexy" side of entrepreneurship. 

But I promise we will make this as fun and simple for you so that you can set up your business to handle tax time with grace, avoid the financial pitfalls most entrepreneurs make,and feel confident making more and more money... because you know what to do with it! 

In today's episode, we cover:

  1. How to set yourself up in your business to handle tax time gracefully (and NOT need to stress eat a bunch of cookies like I share I did in the episode :))
  2. What is "bookkeeping " and why would you need it? Is this something you can do yourself? 
  3. What are the essentials for setting up “good enough” financial systems in your business when starting out?
  4. How do you track income if you haven’t set up your business/LLC yet?
  5. Do you need a separate bank account for your business expenses and income - why/why not?
  6. What is the best way to handle your business taxes if your business is still a side hustle?
  7. How do you pay yourself?
  8. When do you need to start paying taxes in your business?
  9. How do you report your income come tax time and where does that money come from?

And SO much more! This is definitely a MUST LISTEN episode.

If you want your bookkeeping handled for you (YESS!!), or want to really take charge of your earning go to: www.erinjackman.com @erinmjackman

BONUS! Erin has generously offered the first TEN people who click this link a free call to ask your burning questions when it comes to taxes, bookkeeping, income tracking, and everything in between. 

Do not miss out on this opportunity to get personalized support and see if she might be the right person to help you take your profit to the next level. 


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