Ep 37: My Go-To Trick for Creating Instant Clarity
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I want to share with you a little trick that saves me hundreds of hours and makes me thousands of dollars each week. And it's this.


I take a daily walk...


I know it sounds so small and seemingly insignificant when it comes to building a six-figure business, but I find when I move my body, I unleash so much more creativity, energy, and clarity. 


Somehow, a simple walk in nature transforms the rigidness that can happen when I'm sitting in front of my computer and "trying to get things right." 


When we're trying, pushing, and striving, we're often out of alignment. 


But when you can align your energy, whether that's through deep breathing, taking a walk, practicing yoga and meditation, whatever it is for you, you'll instantly be creating from a place of alignment. 


And chances are, you're going to create much better content, attract many more clients and do only the things that are most important in your business. 


When we're feeling tight... when we're feeling scattered... when we wake up and start scrolling through emails or spend 20 hours in front of the computer without a break…we are not creating from a place of alignment; we create from a place of desperation. 


And when you can create from that place, you energetically cap your productivity, your inspiration, and ultimately your income. 


What is that one thing that you do that instantly brings you back to your center?


To that place of alignment, clarity and connection?

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